Dog Digging Under Your Fence? Here Are 5 Easy Tips to Stop It

Evelyn Long

Sep 16, 2022


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When you first get a dog, you might think they’ll stay within the bounds of your fenced-in yard. Though that’s true, there’s also a chance your curious pup will dig underneath your fence.
There are a handful of reasons your dog might be digging under your fence.

  • Something Tasty – Some dogs have more prey drive than others. If your pup sees a bird or squirrel on the other side of your fence, they might dig under the fence to hunt it.
  • Boredom – Your dog might dig because they need something to do. The more intelligent your dog is, the more it will take to keep them stimulated throughout the day. If your dog digs underneath your fence, it could mean they need more toys, puzzles or exercise.
  • Guarding – If your dog is protective, they might dig under your fence if they detect a perceived threat.
  • Friends – Social dogs can get lonely in a yard by themself. They might dig to greet other people or dogs.
  • Anxiety – Your furry friend could get nervous when they hear a loud noise or feel confined by the fence. This could lead them to try and escape, and it is especially important to watch for when you first bring them home.
  • Mating – An unfixed dog might dig to look for love.

Here are five easy tips to stop your dog from digging under your fence.

1. Bury the Bottom

You can bury the bottom of your fence for an easy solution to your pup’s digging.

If they can’t find the bottom of another fence, they won’t be able to get under it. You can use dirt, cement or stone to conceal your fence’s base.

Try a different solution if you plan to replace your fence soon.

2. Fill in Any Small Holes

Your dog might dig when they find a hole already started.

It’s essential to fill in any holes you find along your fence line before your dirt aficionado finds them. This helps keep your dog inside the fence and any furry intruders out.

If your dog can’t help it, consider providing a sandbox or a kiddie pool filled with dirt as a safe space for your dog to dig.

3. Use a Dog-Safe Deterrent

Dog-safe sprays can keep them from approaching an area like your fence.
If your dog doesn’t want to be near your fence, they won’t dig under it.

Be sure it is for dogs and that you first test it on a small, discreet part of your fence in case it causes discoloration.

Vinegar also works as a deterrent for some dogs.

4. Spay or Neuter Them

Your dog might be looking for love. If your dog is sexually mature, their hormones will go haywire, making them want to reproduce.

If you think your dog is digging under your fence to mate, spaying or neutering them could be the solution you need.

Be sure to consult with a trusted veterinarian to ensure the operation is right for your pup.

5. Get More Exercise

Your dog could dig to release pent-up energy. Getting more exercise throughout the day could relieve that bad habit.
Some dogs need more exercise than others. Try going on a long walk, play a game of fetch or providing more stimulating toys throughout the day.
You could also try enrichment feeding to stimulate their minds during meals.

Stop Digging Paws

It’s frustrating when your dog digs under your fence because they can get hurt or lost. The holes can also let other creatures in your yard.
By trying different safe solutions, you can stop your dog’s digging, making you both happier.

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