Everything You Need to Stock Your Minimalist Shower Caddy

Rose Morrison

Mar 10, 2021


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Whether you’re moving somewhere brand new, welcoming roommates or simply revamping your bathroom situation, the shower caddy can be a point of contention with your plans for sleek design. Whether everyone in your household has an individual shower caddy or you have a collective hanging shower caddy that stays as a fixture in your bathroom, keeping things minimal can be one of the best ways to get your bathroom up to its sleek and stylish potential.

Selecting what you need to go into your shower caddy can sometimes feel overwhelming — with so little space and so many options, there may just be a few tough choices ahead of you, but you can find the best products to stack your caddy. The ideas behind minimalism state that you should value quality over quantity, and that’s true for everything from decor to products. While you want to have everything you need there and accessible, going back to basics can set you up for success.

1. Gentle Face Cleanser

A woman cleaning her face with a white towel

Taking care of your skin is one of the most important things you can do on a daily basis. While many people choose not to wash their face in the shower, it can be an easy way to save time and take care of your skin. While you can search for high end cleansers and face washes, there are plenty of great options at the drugstore, too. Brands like Neutrogena and CeraVe are wonderful basics that are gentle on many skin types.

2. Shampoo

Another important step in the shower routine is hair care. Finding a basic shampoo to keep stocked in the shower caddy is one of the best basics you can keep. Even if you don’t wash your hair daily, keeping a bottle of shampoo in it is an obvious benefit.

3. Conditioner

Young beautiful woman using towel and drying her hair in the bathroom.

Speaking of hair care, conditioner is another shower caddy essential. Whether you combine it with your shampoo for a two in one or you do a co-wash and rely more heavily on your conditioner, you’ll want to keep something around to leave your hair feeling silky smooth. Having a conditioner in tow is a shower caddy staple you won’t want to miss.

4. Hair Mask

If you’re not the biggest fan of conditioning every day, or you’d like to add a bit of hydration into your routine every few days, a hair mask could be the perfect addition to your shower caddy, whether it’s portable or stationary in your shower. Hair masks are essentially conditioning treatments that you leave in for a few minutes to allow moisture to sink into your hair and deep condition. You can buy hair masks that are premade, but you can also make your own with ingredients from your own kitchen. Popular ingredients often include eggs, avocados and oils like coconut oil and olive oil. It all depends on what works best for you and your routine.

5. Soap Holder

a red bar of soap in a soap dish on the edge of the tub for your minimalist shower caddy

If you tend to use a bar soap, a soap holder or soap dish can be one of the best inclusions in a stationary shower caddy. When you leave bar soap on a ledge or even a shelf, it can slip around and stick to the surface. Soap can simply get messy when it’s not contained, which is why having a dish to contain it can make your shower caddy a cleaner, sleeker experience — not to mention helping your soap last longer. You can even find fun shaped dishes or silicone holders — whatever strikes your fancy.

6. Bar Soap or Body Wash

When it comes to showering, you’ll need a basic way to wash your body. If you have a stationary shower caddy, a bar of soap in a soap holder might be the best way to go, but if you’re working with a portable shower caddy, a bottle of body wash might be optimal. The decision is entirely yours, and it depends on your comfort and preference.

7. Loofah or Exfoliator

Close up of smiling lady with foamy exfoliating washcloth in her hand taking shower at home

Whether you like to use a loofah for cleansing purposes in the shower or for some simple exfoliation, keeping one on hand either to hang on the stationary shower caddy or to carry inside the portable one can be a great addition to your stash. Not only do loofahs and exfoliators help conserve your soap, but they can also be great for the skin.

Your Minimalist Shower Caddy

Keeping a shower caddy is a part of keeping your shower and bathroom organized. By staying minimal with your shower caddy, you can keep your bathroom minimal and sleek, whether you have a carrying caddy or a hanging one.

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