Decorating Ideas for Your Living Room Fireplace 

Evelyn Long

Feb 19, 2023


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Your fireplace is the focal point of your living room. It can be challenging to adjust to having a fireplace when trying to decorate your space. The focal point of a room affects the interior design and layout of your furniture and décor. Here are some decorating ideas for a living room with a fireplace to help you design your home. 

Decorate the Mantel 

The mantel is prime real estate for your home décor favorites. You can get festive during the holidays and decorate your mantel with garland and seasonal décor. Better yet, you can decorate your mantel with photos, art, books, plants or anything your heart desires. 

You can also paint your mantel to match the aesthetic of your living room. Or you could paint the brick or the interior of your fireplace as well. Painted brick is a stylish decorating idea for a living room with a fireplace. 

Hang Decorative Mirrors

Mirrors can add dimension to your room and elevate your space. If you hang a mirror opposite a window, you can create more natural light in your living room. Your fireplace can be the center of attention with a big beautiful mirror above it that makes your space look larger than it is. 

Mirrors can also add depth to a small space. You can get an oversized mirror to make a statement above your mantel. Or you could decorate with smaller mirrors for a cozier feel. 

Angle Your Furniture

Angle your furniture toward your fireplace to add an intimate feel to your room. If you hang your television above your mantle, you’ll want to arrange your furniture so you can comfortably view your fireplace and TV. About two to three feet from the fireplace is an ideal spot for your furniture to ensure you don’t get too hot or too cold. 

Another great idea is to create an L shape with your furniture for a more intimate feel to your living room that doesn’t focus on the fireplace. If your fireplace isn’t in the center of your living room, you can create a cozy corner with your furniture surrounding your fireplace to fashion a nook around your fireplace. 

Add Some Bookshelves 

Bookshelves can bring any mundane room to life with additional shelves for decorations or books. If you add a bookshelf to both sides of your fireplace, you can add depth and dimension to the entire wall of your fireplace. 

Fill your bookshelves with whatever you like, but ensure they go with the same vibe you choose for your mantel. For small living rooms, ensure enough natural light hits your bookshelves so they don’t cramp the room or overwhelm your walls. 

Play With Patterns

Replace your fireplace frame or paint the tile of your fireplace to make it stand out or blend in. Soft neutral colors will go with any vibe you choose for your living room. 

Bold prints and patterns can emphasize your fireplace and ensure that it remains the room’s focal point. You can use patterns on your rugs, furniture, and fireplace to create a cozy, inviting atmosphere. 

Decorating a Room With a Fireplace

These decorating ideas for a living room with a fireplace can transform your home into a haven for you to enjoy. If you make your living room aesthetically pleasing, you’ll want to spend more time in there and it will make you happy every time you enter the room. 

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