Colors That Go Well With Tan in Any Room

Evelyn Long

Jan 10, 2022

colors that go well with tan

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Whether you’re a lover of neutral hues or simply looking to experiment with neutral design elements in your home, tans and beiges are often the first place to turn. Sometimes, this means adding tans and neutral hues into your already complete and colorful room, or looking for little pops of color against the serene backdrop of a tan palette.

While people say that tan can work with anything, there are a few specific design elements that can come into play when you’re working with neutral colors to make everything blend seamlessly. You can go for colors within the same family to create a backdrop that matches perfectly, or you can jump to the totally opposite end of the spectrum for a bit of quirky juxtaposition.

Choosing colors that go well with tan can bring something special to an otherwise neutral backdrop. How you do it all depends on your personal style.

1. Black

If you tend to have a darker design style, going black could be as natural as breathing for you. Despite its neutral status, black can sometimes be quite the show stopper. While not many people have the guts to go fully dark on walls or larger decorations, mixing it with the more ubiquitous tan helps sand off the edges.

Go for a vintage style or something subtle and modern. The mix of black and tan can often come off as totally sophisticated and sleek — even if it is considered a crime of fashion in other circles.

2. White

On the opposite end of the spectrum from black, the lightest neutral cousin of the family is also a great pairing with tan walls, accessories and decor. Try populating a white room with soothing tan accents or find some decor that incorporates the light, calm spirit you’re capturing with your tan additions.

Or, you could always go for tan walls and white accents. Try out different ideas and see what works best for you.

3. Grey

grey and tan kitchen

If black and white both sound nice but you just can’t decide, grey can be a perfect compromise. Combining grey and tan can give any room a lifted, light and desaturated look.

While this isn’t everyone’s cup of tea, it can often achieve a perfect balance of clean and homey vibes that are difficult to find together. There’s no need to fear a clash here as long as it’s done tastefully.

4. Burnt Orange

burnt orange color

Burnt orange can often function as a darker, warmer tan, especially when your decor features a spectrum of tan and neutral colors. It’s a subtle, yet deeply inviting tone. Whether you go for a full orange wall situation or orange accessories against a paler backdrop, each way you blend the colors will yield something a bit different.

5. Olive Green

Olive green is the perfect earth tone to tie a room together. If you’re looking to create a feng shui space bathed in earth tones and natural looks, a base of olive and tan can bring that calming, grounded quality to any room.

Olive and tan can even make up opposite ends of a spectrum of neutral tones in your room of choice — you can go wild with everything in between to make a serene, inviting environment.

6. Baby Blue

But what if you’re looking to brighten up a space and have some fun? Look no further than your trusted pastels. Baby blue details can make a tan wall pop, and the same logic goes for the other way around.

While tan is neutral, it can always be used to enhance your favorite hues. The combination of blue and tan is unique, relaxing and charming — perfect for vintage vibes or a slightly more modern twist.

7. Pink

What list would be complete without a little feminine flair? But don’t get it twisted — pink is for everyone, especially when it’s blended with tans to create a warm yet still uplifting environment. Millennial pink incorporates tan bases in with its flush tones and can work for a slightly rosier tan space, but you can also go a bit more towards the bold side of things with a darker, more floral pink for a bit of contrast. Really, you can’t go wrong. 

Experiment With Colors to Pair With Tan Interiors

Tan is a calm, sophisticated and versatile color that can work for any room in your house. However, if you’re not a die-hard neutral enthusiast, you might be looking for colors that can switch it up.

Whether you’re partial to darkness or bright and cheerful hues, tan offers so many options for its partner in crime.

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