Cute Breakfast Nook Table Ideas to Make Your Design Pop

Rose Morrison

Aug 11, 2021


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You wake up in the morning and grab your cup of coffee — the breakfast nook beckons to you. Sitting down, you feel the warm glow of the sun on your cheek and the plush pillows at your back. This is how every morning should start — and with these breakfast nook ideas, it can be your reality.

Keep reading to discover six breakfast nook table ideas to consider when designing your own space.

1. Create an Accent Wall

a breakfast nook with a mint green accent wall

Add a touch of whimsy to your design by creating an accent wall. Accent walls can be made using paint, wallpaper or tiles and should look different from the surrounding walls. This feature should be a reflection of your style. Use this to shape the color scheme for your design.

The accent wall can quickly change the space’s ambiance, so consider if there are any architectural details in the room. You want to ensure the wall adds value rather than looking out of place.

If an accent wall is too bold or your breakfast nook idea will be situated against windows, consider making an accent bench seat instead.

2. Add Decorative Lighting

Pendant lights are the perfect feature to add over your dining nook table. It will make the space feel customized and unique. It can even act as a conversation starter if you have guests.

When installing, make sure the lighting is centered and raised high enough where no one will bump their heads. Choose a light that will match your preferred aesthetic. If you are interested in DIYs, consider making your own light from reclaimed materials. You can buy the necessary materials online or from a crafts store.

3. Choose Seating Options

a smalla cute breakfast nook table with a comfy bencg

Most breakfast nook ideas feature bench seating and fun chairs, but you can adapt the design to fit your style. Judge how much seating you’ll need based on the number of people in your household. Evaluate how often you’ll host guests and whether they would use the space as well.

Assess the space to determine how many chairs could comfortably fit without it feeling cramped. Bench seats are terrific for larger families looking to squeeze in together and enjoy a meal. If you would like additional storage, consider choosing chairs that stack or a bench seat with internal space.

4. Bring in Natural Light

To make your breakfast nook idea feel cozy and inviting, emphasize the natural light in the room. Natural light can make a room feel bigger, so consider placing your breakfast nook by a set of windows. You could also consider installing a skylight to bring light to the darkest corners of your home.

Mirrors are another way to amplify the space because they reflect light. A wall of mirrors can provide the impression of a larger area without requiring additional construction.

5. Design Hidden Storage

a bright breakfast nook

Everyone loves hidden storage and secret compartments. Reflect on whether this would be a detail you would like to make your design pop. You could choose a removable top table with space for a puzzle underneath or select an extendable top to accommodate more people.

Embrace your creativity and look for dead space in your design that could be reimagined. While transforming your breakfast nook idea it would be easy to add built-ins or artwork with a secret compartment. If you love functionality, this could be the perfect way to make use of extra space!

6. Throw Cushions

Throw cushions are multipurpose — they add comfort while also contributing to design. Choose pillows that are both functional and pretty to fit the space. Remember to choose removable covers so you can wash them if they get dirty!

You can swap out the covers to inexpensively change your design throughout the year. This also allows you to decorate for the holidays without taking up table space.

A Nook to Enjoy From Morning Till Night

Use these breakfast nook table ideas to design your dream space. This area will quickly become your go-to part of the house for a casual meal during the day.

While prepping dinner, you can have your children do their homework in the cozy nook. You can easily keep an eye on them from the kitchen — which means this nook will do more than host breakfast!

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