How to Avoid the 7 Biggest Problems for Homeowners

Rose Morrison

Jul 7, 2021

biggest problems for homeowners

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Homeownership is a life-changing event, especially when you buy your first house. There are so many things to look forward to, but you could also find yourself confronted with a few challenges. Learn about the biggest problems for homeowners — and how to prevent them with routine maintenance.

1. Sudden Roof Damage

You might glance at your roof when you pull into your driveway. But are you inspecting it regularly? Your roof could form cracks, lose shingles or warp from water retention after major storms or long-term exposure to the elements.

The average roof repair costs between $350 and $1,500 depending on the damage, your location and what happens during the project. Check your roof often and call a professional inspection team if you see anything that doesn’t look right. After all, it’s better than paying contractors extra hourly fees for delayed parts or unforeseen complications. Check for signs like:

  • Cracked shingles
  • Sagging surfaces
  • Interior ceiling water stains

Preventive action will save you time and money down the road. It will also keep you and your loved ones safe under a stable, well-built roof.

2. Poor Electrical Wiring

Older homes might have poor electrical wiring that creates a constant fire hazard. Since all the wiring is inside your walls, you should look for warning signs such as:

  • Flickering lights
  • Faint burning odor
  • Hot electrical outlets

It’s easy not to recognize old or fraying electrical wiring symptoms if you never check your outlets. When you replace an old lightbulb and still see flickering or don’t find anything burning when you notice an odd smell, it’s likely time to get your electrical system inspected to prevent further damage or fires.

3. Improper Water Drainage

There are a few ways that improper water drainage is one of the biggest problems for homeowners. Does your yard remain flooded in the hours after a rainstorm? The pitch or slope of your property could prevent it from draining water runoff. It leads to pooling around your home and increases the chance of foundational cracks or water damage.

Lawn retention could also leak the runoff into your basement or crawlspace, leading to rot and mold that’s a health hazard.

You might need to install a drainage pipe in your yard so it redirects rainwater into the street or off your property. Landscaping experts could also redistribute the soil or sand around your home to prevent the water from collecting against the foundation.

4. Uninspected HVAC Unit

Your HVAC unit keeps your home comfortable during every season, but you should inspect it once each year to look for any ongoing or future problems. Set aside 15 minutes of your day to check for:

  • Noises or squeaks while it operates
  • Rust on internal parts
  • Accumulating dirt, dust or debris

Replacing HVAC units is a costly emergency that could take you by surprise. If you’re not comfortable inspecting the unit on your own, local contractors can check it for you and conduct minor maintenance. They could need to lubricate moving parts or replace the air filter, which they can do on the spot in most situations.

5. Minor Window Leaks

When your air conditioning or heating continuously runs, you might have minor window leaks. The caulking around your window prevents outdoor and indoor air from exchanging, but it can fall apart over time. Hold your hand close to the edges of your windows to feel for a breeze. You can also hold a lit candle near the caulking to see if the flame flickers.

Recaulking is a quick repair most homeowners can do without any issue. With just a few minutes of your time, you could reduce how often your HVAC unit turns on and save money on your electricity bill.

6. Seasonal Pest Control

Owning a home means you likely own a yard as well. Even small yards come with pests, so don’t let pest control slip your mind. Spraying to prevent ants and mosquitos is an easy place to start, but there are other pests you might not consider.

Moles might root around under your grass and cause it to die while they dig their tunnels. Bats could slip into your vented attic during the summer after an evening of catching mosquitoes and other bugs. Hornets often form nests in the sheltered part of front porches. It’s always best to take quick action after noticing major pests like these to prevent property damage or run-ins with dangerous animals.

7. Frequent Piping Problems

Household piping is another essential feature of any home that goes unnoticed because it’s hidden in your walls and cabinets. You might have piping problems if you have frequent backups from your bathroom or kitchen sinks. There could be food or hair clogging the pipes or a mineral buildup that prevents waste from entering the sewer system.

A simple drain snake could solve your piping issues, or it might involve taking apart what’s under your sink to remove clogs. Report any further issues to plumbers, who can complete quick and effective repairs on leaks under your house or broken pipes.

Avoid The Biggest Problems for Homeowners With Routine Inspections

You can avoid the biggest problems for homeowners if you schedule routine inspections. Whether it’s on your own or with a team of professionals, check in with your roof, pipes, electrical work and more to ensure your home’s safety and well-being.

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