Best Places to Live on the East Coast

Rose Morrison

Feb 6, 2023

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The U.S. East Coast is one of the world’s most densely populated strips of land, and for good reason. The geography, resources, job opportunities and many other important factors make the region more desirable than middle America. Every state has plenty of beautiful places to live, but we narrowed it down to seven. These are the best places to live on the east coast of the United States.

1. Charlotte, NC

Metro Population: 808,834

Median Home Price: $395,000

Average Salary: $60,511

Charlotte is one of America’s fastest growing cities for two reasons: affordability and a local economic boom. The city’s financial and entertainment sectors will make it one of the biggest Southern metropolitan areas in the next few decades. If you’re looking for job opportunities in an emerging power, Charlotte is the place to go.

2. Charleston, SC

Metro Population: 774,508

Median Home Price: $380,374

Average Salary: $47,800

South Carolina’s oldest city remains one of the best places to live on the east coast. The warm weather, beautiful beaches and historically rich Southern culture make for a charming combination. It’s also a popular destination for newlyweds and growing families because of the low crime rate and family-friendly activities.

3. Jacksonville, FL

Metro Population: 1,533,796

Median Home Price: $348,852

Average Salary: $49,940

Jacksonville is Florida’s forgotten gem. It has a convenient location near the coast and northern border, so travel is much easier here than in the rest of the state. It also has more art and history attractions than Florida’s other cities. Of course, no state tax is a huge game changer. Florida is always a safe bet for people looking to relocate. 

4. Providence, RI

Metro Population: 1,618,268

Median Home Price: $401,516

Average Salary: $55,930

Providence is one of the best places to live on the east coast because of its historical background and ideal location. It sits at the heart of New England, within a reasonable driving distance of Boston, Hartford, Portland and New York City. Job and education opportunities are everywhere. The impressive neighborhood variety also makes it easier to find a community that fits your interests.

5. Savannah, GA

Metro Population: 386,036

Median Home Price: $286,501

Average Salary: $45,600

Georgia’s oldest city remains the state’s historical and cultural center, with the classic Southern charm and beautiful Victorian architecture. While Atlanta gets most of the attention, Savannah is safer and cheaper. It also has more outdoor attractions thanks to its coastal location. You’ll have a hard time finding a more well-rounded place to live than Savannah.

6. New Haven, CT

Metro Population: 857,513

Median Home Price: $332,600

Average Salary: $58,330

New Haven is known as the home of Yale University, but it has a lot more to offer than one Ivy League school. It has a phenomenal local economy, with an employment rate more than 8 percent below the national average. It also sits in a beautiful coastal spot on the Long Island Sound, with beach neighborhoods and cultural attractions dotted along the waterfront.

7. Virginia Beach, VA

Metro Population: 1,761,729

Median Home Price: $301,245

Average Salary: $49,620

Virginia Beach is perhaps the best beach city in the United States, let alone the east coast. The weather is perfect year-round, with heavenly summers and mild winters. As such, there are numerous outdoor activities that help the local population stay healthy and happy. If you have always dreamed of living in a beach town, Virginia Beach should be among your top choices.

Find Your Happy Place

This information about the best places to live on the east coast will help you find your new home. Moving to a new location is never easy, regardless of the circumstances. If you’re still not sure about where to relocate, Renovated’s U.S. City Quiz will give you some direction. We hope you find your happy place!

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