Best Mops for Hardwood Floors

Evelyn Long

May 6, 2022


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Hardwood floors provide a modern and beautiful look in any room. The best mops for hardwood floors can give them a lasting freshness that vacuums and brooms don’t. Although vacuuming is excellent for taking care of dust and pet hair, it can still leave behind dirt and grime on your hardwood floors. That’s why you need to mop regularly to ensure you maintain the condition of your beautiful hardwood.

When you mop your floors properly, you give them a nice shiny appearance. However, a mopping technique isn’t the only thing you want to consider. It’s also the type of mop that matters to give it a good cleaning.

That’s why regular maintenance is essential. You want to clean your floors weekly, especially in high-traffic areas. Although, some mops work better for certain floor types. Here are a few of the best mops for hardwood floors to consider. 

Things to Keep In Mind

Before even choosing a specific brand, consider a few factors. Here are two things to pay attention to. 

What Type of Model?

Do you want an electric or manual model? Manual mops are often cheaper with fewer chords and batteries. However, you have to do all the work. So, these are best for people with a tight budget who have more time to clean. 

On the other hand, electronic sweepers do most of your work. They come in either a vacuum-style machine or as a robot that moves on its own. So, this is ideal for busy parents who have less time for chores. 

What Type of Mop Heads Do You Prefer?

You can either get one with reusable or disposable mop heads. The reusable ones are made of microfiber and are safer for washing floors. However, they can get dirty, and you need to throw them in the wash. 

If you forget and don’t have a backup, this is more inconvenient. On the other hand, disposable ones save more time since you can simply add a fresh one each wash. Although, this can get costly and is bad for the environment. 

Best Mops for Hardwood Floor Cleaning

Once you determine the model type and pad style, choose your brand. There are many options for every budget and feature preference. So, here are a few of the best mops for hardwood floors to keep in mind. 

1. Cinch Mop Microfiber Mop for Hardwood Floors

If you’re looking for a basic, manual mop that gets the job done right, the Cinch microfiber mop could be the right choice. The mop handle is aluminum, sturdy enough to scrub dirt and grime. It’s also the perfect size for mopping the entire home. The handle is 51 inches, while the mop frame is 16 inches.

The mop kit also includes two reusable pads, which are machine washable, making it easy to mop over again without buying disposable pads. This mop is perfect for storage with its slim design, and it’s lightweight — mopping is a breeze.

2. O-Cedar EasyWring Microfiber Spin Mop and Bucket System

The O-Cedar wet mop system is one of the best cleaning tools for an all-in-one clean. What’s nice about this mop is it offers hands-free wringing with the foot pedal. So, you don’t have to twist it manually to ensure it’s not sopping wet. 

In addition, it has a splash guard to prevent excess water from soaking your floors when you wring it. The mop also comes in handy as a dry mop for dusting with its microfiber head, great for trapping dirt. 

It has a 360 degrees rotation, making it easy to maneuver tight corners and different directions.

3. CLDREAM Microfiber Wet and Dry Mop

The best mops for hardwood floors include the CLDREAM wet and dry mop. It’s budget-friendly yet offers a high-quality clean finish. You’ll enjoy mopping with this product as it comes with machine-washable pads, which absorb water for wet mopping. Or you can use the microfiber pad to pick up dust for dry mopping.

As a damp mop, pull the handy trigger to start spraying the floor. It doesn’t use too much water, making it perfect for hardwood floors to prevent water from seeping and damaging them.

This mop is versatile since it has an 800 mL tank, so you won’t run out of water while cleaning. The wide mop head is 16 inches with a 360 degrees rotation, so you easily get your cleaning done.

4. Bona Premium Spray Mop for Hardwood Floor

The Bona spray mop uses a cleaning liquid specifically formulated for polyurethane-finished floors. Plus, it disperses a fine mist that won’t oversaturate your hardwood. You’ll also appreciate the 16.5-inch mop head with soft corners, ensuring it won’t scratch or dent furniture and baseboards. 

This mop works by easily pulling a trigger to wet your floors, or you can use it as a dry mop to clean up the dust. Once you finish cleaning, you can place the microfiber mop head in the wash and reuse it again. 

5. Swiffer WetJet Hardwood Mop Kit

If you’d prefer disposable mop pads over washable mop heads, the Swiffer WetJet is a great choice. Just snap the cartridge of wood-safe cleaning solution onto the mop, attach a pad, press the trigger to spray and go. 

The handle is battery-activated and easily maneuverable for quick cleaning. You’ll also enjoy how absorbent the disposable pads are — great for picking up and locking in the dirt. Once you finish, you can peel off the pad and toss it for clutter-free storage. 

This mop is great for illuminating dark corners since it has two mini headlights. Plus, the kit includes one mop, five pads, a mini bottle of solution and four AA batteries. 

Make Mopping a Breeze

Enjoy fast and efficient cleaning with the best mops for hardwood floors. The mops included here are perfect for everyday cleaning. Plus, you won’t have to think twice about whether they’re leaving dirt behind.

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