Choosing the Best Bed Frames to Upgrade Your Bedroom

Evelyn Long

Jan 6, 2023


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Long gone are the days of sleeping on a mattress on the floor. Hopefully, you’re well past blow-up beds, as well. Now that you’ve purchased an excellent mattress for a restful night’s sleep, it’s time to add another upgrade. You deserve to choose from the best bed frames to complement your mattress.

Bed frames tend to be expensive, plus it can sometimes be a challenge to bring one home and assemble it. Of course, you don’t want to buy anything too cheap that will fall out from underneath you while you’re sleeping, but you also don’t want to break the bank. 

When choosing the best bedframe for your mattress, you should consider the following:

  • What size mattress do you have?
  • What kind of materials should it come in, such as metal, wood or upholstery?
  • Do you have a color preference?
  • Does it need to include storage underneath?
  • How high off the ground would you like your bed to be?
  • Do you require fully-assembled or easy-to-assemble instructions?

Once you’ve figured out the basics of what you’re looking for, you can begin shopping for the best one. Here are eight types of bed frames perfect for just about anyone.

1. Best Splurge Bed Frame: BEDBOSS Adjustable Bed Frame with Massage

Willing to spend a little more money for the best bed frames that truly optimize your beauty rest? The adjustable bed frame by BEDBOSS comes with a wireless remote control that allows you to recline your head and legs and offers three massage options. 

Program your favorite reclining positions for zero gravity support that eases muscle tension and helps reduce snoring. 

This ergonomic bed frame, made of durable steel and easy to assemble, is best suited for memory foam, latex or hybrid mattresses that measure 13 inches thick or less. 

$989.00 on Amazon

2. Best Upholstered Bed Frame: ZINUS Judy Upholstered Bed Frame 

With a unique asymmetrical geometric-pattern upholstery, this bed frame adds a bit of modernity to a more traditional style.

Its neutral gray tone is perfect for dressing up any bedroom or decor style. At the same time, a comfortable foam-padded headboard protects those restless sleepers from bumps and bruises. 

Depending on the size, the framework integrates sturdy steel made to last while supporting between 350 and 700 pounds. This bed frame is available in twin, full, queen or king and doesn’t require any additional box spring. 

Two people can quickly assemble this piece in under an hour with all the necessary equipment included in the packaging. 

$324.64 on Amazon

3. Best Low Profile Bed Frame: Mr. Kate Daphne Bed Frame with Upholstered Headboard

The mid-century modern aesthetic has never been more popular in home design, as proven by this sleek, velvet-upholstered, low-profile bed frame by Mr. Kate. 

Brass-finished tapered legs and sturdy side rails ensure your bed isn’t going anywhere. You also don’t need to worry about purchasing a box spring or other foundation for additional mattress support.

This low-profile bed frame is purchasable as a full, queen or king and in a variety of colors, including white, dark gray, light gray or blue. 

$499.99 on Amazon

4. Best Bed Frame on a Budget: ZINUS Abel Metal Bed Frame

Suppose you’re looking for a minimalist design that still offers reliable support and durability. In that case, this bed frame may be just what you need. The best part: It fits a tight budget, as well.

You won’t need to worry about purchasing a quality box spring with this metal frame. The slats are designed to extend the life of your memory foam or spring mattress.

Choose your correct size and enjoy the foot of space underneath for extra storage. Depending on the bed frame size you pick out, it can hold a maximum weight of 250 to 500 pounds.

Assembly is also easy and can take less than an hour to put together with someone’s assistance. 

$100.95 on Amazon

5. Best Wooden Bed Frame: Acacia Wood Bed Frame with Headboard

Wooden bed frames go well with various home styles, from traditional to rustic and even boho. If you’re interested in a more natural look for your bedroom furniture, this wood bed frame delivers a whole lot of character.

Pick between a rich caramel or chocolate finish to match your bedroom decor. Additionally, the Acacia wood is sleek, clean and sturdy enough to hold between 500 to 800 pounds, depending on the bed frame size you purchase. 

The wooden slats are carefully placed with inserted tapes to prevent the mattress from moving around. This bed frame is ideal for a foam, spring or hybrid mattress. You can buy this bed frame in twin, full, queen or king. 

$502.80 on Amazon

6. Best Metal Bed Frame: NEEBIRGELIA Black Metal Bed Frame with Headboard and Footboard

A more traditional bedroom style may match this metal bed frame perfectly, complemented by a Victorianesque headboard and footboard.

Metal materials are always a good choice if you’re concerned about durability. The slats on this piece of furniture also offer a ton of mattress support and prevent it from moving around or sinking.  

There’s also a height of 13 inches underneath, ideal storage space for luggage or containers. 

If you’re not entirely savvy when it comes to construction, this bed frame comes with clear instructions and all the parts and tools you need for easy assembly.

$179.99 on Amazon

7. Best Bed Frame With Storage: memomad Bali Storage Bed Frame

We tend to accumulate a lot of stuff in our bedrooms, from clothing to shoes to keepsakes. Wouldn’t it be nice to have additional space to keep your sleeping quarters organized?

Constructed from solid pine wood, the memomad bed frame can hold up to 880 pounds and has all the storage you’re looking for, including:

  • Six drawers
  • Four shelves
  • Two compartments
  • Two pullout shelves that you can use as a nightstand
  • Additional space for suitcases or containers under the base

Choose between caramel or white finishes and pick your size. The memomad bed frame comes in twin, full, queen or king. In addition to the bed frame, you can choose to purchase a matching headboard and nightstand to complete the look. 

$839.00 on Amazon

8. Best Bed Frame for Kids: Concord Junior Loft Bed Frame

Your kids will love the Concord Junior Loft Bed Frame, perfect for little ones who aren’t quite ready to climb into a regular bunk bed. 

The low loft bed frame clears the floor for extra storage, a play area or a reading nook. Your child can let their imagination run wild below the bed and unwind for a peaceful night’s sleep above.

This bed frame comes in twin or full sizes and white, gray, or cappuccino colors. The piece is constructed from solid pine that’s extra sturdy, so you never have to worry about your child falling through. You can also place the ladder on either side of the bed. 

$284.89 on Amazon

Create the Best Sleep of Your Life with a Stunning Bed Frame

The best bed frames for your room has style, durability and excellent mattress support, giving you the best night’s sleep you could have ever dreamed of. 

Make sure to plan ahead and consider all your essential needs in a bed frame, from your design aesthetic to the size and even the materials. The perfect bed frame is out there for your choosing.

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