How to Decorate a Bedroom on a Budget

Evelyn Long

Nov 26, 2022


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Your bedroom is your home safe haven, where you can relax and unwind from the stress of the day. There are many ways to decorate a bedroom to make it a reflection of you.

Before you make a major renovation, consider making your bedroom a special place through budget-friendly decorations. 

Here’s how you can decorate a  bedroom without breaking the bank. 


If you’re thinking of decorations, there’s a chance that your bedroom is already a paint color you enjoy. However, the color can make a huge difference if the painting is still on the table. 

Your bedroom should be a relaxing space, which you can achieve with gentle blues or greens. You may also choose a neutral color that serves as a clean base for various colorful decor items. 

A bold color may be nice for a closet or area where you get ready for your day. However, the main portion of your bedroom should be something that helps you fall asleep, not give your energy. 


Curtains and other window treatments are a core part of your home decor. For bedroom windows, curtains can add a luxurious feel to your space while helping you rest. 

Silk and velvet-covered curtains are an easy way to elevate your space, helping you enjoy your space. Blues, greens, and warm neutrals are great options to help make your bedroom calm. If your paint is neutral, you could also use them as a pop of color. 

Light-filtering or blackout curtains are an excellent choice for any bedroom that lets in outside light at night. They keep your room dark at night and for any mid-day naps. 


Your bed is the featured item in your bedroom, so it’s important to choose a cover your love. Comforters are nice but can be expensive in comparison to the alternative.  A duvet is an excellent solution for anyone who wants a warm, plush cover without paying the price of a fancy comforter.

You can get duvets in a variety of sizes and materials. You can achieve your desired aesthetic through a variety of colors and patterns.

The covers make it easy for your duvet to last decades, as you don’t have to wash the plush middle as much thanks to the protection. That alone makes a duvet worth the investment. 


Bedside lamps are a great way to read and do other activities before bed without having an overhead light on. 

You can change the look of your bedroom by choosing lamps that match your desired look, with several materials, shapes, sizes and colors out there. 

The color bulbs you choose for your lamps also make a difference, with warmer whites creating a relaxing atmosphere during the evening hours. 

You can find these lamp in various local and online stores, almost guaranteeing you can find what you are looking for. 


Adding artwork to your bedroom is a great way to add a special touch to the space.  A fun or relaxing picture or painting can be the perfect addition to your space. 

If wall art isn’t your preference, consider some decorative bowls or vases that you could place flowers or supplies in. 

Decorative candles are also a great addition to any bedroom, giving you a great opportunity to up your atmosphere. 

Decorating Your Bedroom 

Your bedroom is your personal space, so you deserve to have one that is uniquely for you and anyone who shares it. 

Expressing yourself through upgraded decor items can help you decorate a bedroom and make it a more enjoyable space to unwind. 

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