Why Should You Prune Your Trees? What Every Homeowner Should Know

Olivia Elsher

Feb 23, 2023

Why Should You Prune Your Trees

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Taking care of trees is a significant jump from potted plants or backyard gardens. You’ll learn plenty of gardening tricks and tips, but don’t forget to learn about pruning. This guide explains why people prune their trees and what you should know about the annual occurrence.

What Is Pruning?

Pruning is the act of removing unnecessary or dead branches from a tree. You can also prune bushes or leafy plants, but it occurs with most tree species.

When it’s time to prune, you’ll use your preferred pole pruner. Some have manual handles, some are automatic and others use extension cords to hook up to electrical outlets. The tree height and distance from your house will be the most important factors when picking a pruner.

The pruning blades slice through branches to clip trees back to their bare branches or trunks. It depends on your tree’s size and health.

Reasons Why People Prune Trees

There are numerous reasons why people prune their trees, so read about the top three to decide if it’s necessary for the trees on your property.

1. Dead Branches Steal Resources

Trees continually circulate water and energy to their branches. Even if a branch looks dead or decayed, the tree still sends it what it needs to get better. When that branch can’t recover, it steals those resources from healthier parts of the tree that begin to suffer without the energy they need. Pruning takes care of this issue so the branches that are alive get essential nutrients and water for their growth.

2. Foliage and Fruit Grow Back Better

Dead or rotting tree branches make the entire tree more susceptible to disease. That risks the future growth of fruit and foliage, but pruning avoids that issue. Your trees will grow more successfully, especially when they get the right water and sunlight for their growth cycle stage.

3. You’ll Prevent Safety Risks

Maybe you’re hoping to plant an avocado tree and watch it grow into a massive backyard focal point. If you never prune it, the tall branches could start to decay and eventually fall onto your home or other plants during wind storms.

Pruning removes weakened branches so that’s less likely to happen. You’ll protect your property and loved ones by pruning your trees whenever necessary.

Don’t worry about piles of branches hanging out in your yard after pruning occurs. You can always use them as wood for your firepit or indoor fireplace. If you have neither, most landfills have dedicated sections for yard waste. You’ll just have to transport the branches in a truck or flatbed trailer.

When Should Pruning Happen?

The best time to prune your trees will depend on the tree species on your property. Deciduous trees most often need pruning just before spring blossoms appear and may require eight feet of cleared trunk space before the branches can thrive. Research the trees in your yard to plan the best time for branch removal.

Help Your Trees Thrive

Your yard wouldn’t look complete without your beautiful trees, but they’ll only stay beautiful if you know how to care for them. Learning when to prune your trees is an essential part of maintaining your property. Research each species, check your calendar and invest in pruning tools to complete this quick gardening responsibility each year.

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