7 Unique Types of Windows That Will Revamp Your Home

Evelyn Long

Apr 21, 2022

types of windows

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There’s nothing quite like looking out your window on a lovely spring day or during a slow snowfall. Windows aren’t just functional; they can also add character to your home. Having unique windows can increase your home’s resale value, but you have to know what types of windows are available and how they’ll fit into your home’s design and style.

Here are some window types to consider adding to your home.

1. Single-Hung Window

To open these up, you have to work from the bottom sash. These windows don’t open from the outside, providing more insulation. They are perfect for small spaces, such as hallways. They have a clean look, allowing them to work with your home’s design. They are also more energy-efficient, weather-resistant, and cost-effective.

Over time your window spring can get worn down from use. These parts help to lower and raise your window sash. You can repair the window spring on your own using a flat head screwdriver and a tape measure.

2. Double-Hung Window

These open up at the bottom and top. This helps keep your space well-ventilated. When you’re in a rush, having the window open on both sides makes it more convenient to use. Double-hung windows work best for more spacious homes. They’re also easy to install and maintain.

Once you install the window, consider getting a lock for better security:

  • Hinged wedge lock: This type allows you to partially open the window while still keeping it closed enough to fend off any intruders.
  • Folding lock: When you go to raise the sash, just unlock and fold to one side.
  • Keyed sash lock: These locks fit most windows. To install them, remove your old lock, fill in the screw holes, drill in new fastener holes, and put it into place.

3. Oriel Window

This window type has a more elegant and unique style. Consider placing the windows in your home’s upper levels. Oriel casements are bay windows that protrude from the wall but do not touch the ground. Corbels or brackets support these windows. They can help widen your space. They can also bring in more natural light and provide greater ventilation.

Oriel windows first became popular in the 15th Century in Great Britain. The British used them to increase the amount of sunlight entering the home. They placed them over gateways to manor houses or on public buildings.

5.  Cottage Window

This window type is similar to a double-hung window but has an upper sash shorter than the lower one. The upper sash helps keep the interior of your home well-insulated. Cottage windows are perfect if you live in a colder climate. These are also cost-effective options.

To make your casement stand out even more, consider adding a window treatment such as drapes or blinds. Here are some tips for picking out the right one for your home:

  • Choose the length based on both function and style.
  • Use sheer fabrics for layering.
  • Keep the shape of your window in mind.
  • Keep a consistent look in each room.
  • Use full-length curtains in areas outside of the kitchen.

6. Two-Panel Slider

This type of window consists of two large panels that you can slide to the left or right. These help to provide ventilation and allow light to enter your space. Natural light can make your home feel more inviting.

Panel sliders are low maintenance, long-lasting, and durable. Their versatile design can complement your home’s style. These are also a great option if you have limited space.

Before installing your casement, you will need to consider the framing materials, glazing features, type of spacers, and operation style for your new window. Here are some of the framing materials offered:

  • Aluminum: The material is durable, light, and easy to maintain. Since they conduct heat more quickly, be sure to have a thermal break.
  • Composite: These are made from materials such as particleboard and laminated strand lumber. They are stable and moisture-resistant.
  • Vinyl: It is moisture-resistant and provides better insulation.
  • Wood: This material also has good insulation. Just be sure to keep up with regular maintenance.

7. Picture Window

You can’t open a picture window, meaning they are a good choice to place in your attic or basement. Since the heat is trapped inside, they provide the most insulation. With the frame fixed in place, the opening also offers a picturesque view of the outside.

The framed feature is especially convenient if you want to highlight your landscape. Having a beautiful view of your backyard can increase your home’s resale value. With that in mind, here are some ways to enhance your outdoor space and make it more functional and visually appealing:

  • Add a deck.
  • Incorporate bench seating.
  • Brighten up the area with lights.
  • Decorate with potted plants.
  • Create a breakfast nook.

Picture casements are easy to install, require little maintenance, and come at an affordable price. These windows can also bring in more natural light.

Windows Types to Enhance Your Home

Your windows let you take in the view while allowing natural light to enter your home. The windows you choose help to showcase your house’s style. There are many types of windows to choose from, as you’ve seen. So when you’re looking to revamp your home, consider incorporating some of these unique window types to take your house to the next level!

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