7 Unique Features to Add to Your Self-Built Home

Rose Morrison

Jul 20, 2020


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When you build your home from scratch, you can literally make it whatever you want it to be. There are nearly endless features to add to your self-built home, and you can weigh all your options to find which ones work best for you and your family. Do away with standard constructs you know you don’t use and go all out on the little things you know you will. Every house is different.

The beauty of putting your house in your own hands is that you hold the keys to the process. You can assess your needs and decide on your goals and priorities. You can add to your plans, change directions and include unique quirks and features wherever you see fit. Here are a few ideas for features to add to your self-build home that you may love:

1. Skylight

If you love gazing up at the night sky and seeing the stars overhead or basking in the sun’s warmth from the comfort of your bedroom, a skylight could be the perfect addition to your living space. The extra light and space can brighten up any room, making it feel bigger and more unique. When it comes to the installation, you can do it yourself or go with a window company.

2. Heated Floors

Heated floors are cozy, especially during those winter months. Whether you live in a colder climate or love to warm up whenever the mood strikes, these floors can be a great addition to your heater and closet full of blankets. Put heated floors in the bedroom if you’re looking to avoid that initial cold feeling of your toes on the ground in the morning. Or go for the bathroom if you want to create a relaxing experience for your getting-ready routine.

3. Solar Panels

If you’re environmentally conscious, you probably know already that solar paneling can do wonders to reduce your household’s carbon footprint. If going green is your priority, solar panels are a great way to explore that. Plus, they can save you money in the long term. While it is an upfront investment, if you can afford to prioritize it in your budget, you’ll end up with a greener, cheaper solution to traditional electricity. 

4. Smart Devices

Smart devices are often an afterthought, but you can easily prioritize their presence in your build. Electronics like Google Home and Alexa are great for making your smart home dreams come to life, and you can also install smart temperature systems, security systems, or kitchen appliances. These devices will all work together to make your home more technologically advanced.

5. Wraparound Porch

Spending an abundance of time outdoors is a must for some people. If this sounds like you, a wraparound porch could be a great choice for your family to get all the outdoor time they desire. Whether you want to lounge around on the porch with a book or entertain guests, wraparound porches let you follow the sun and give you space to spread out in the fresh air. 

6. Built-In Shelving

Everyone has specific storage needs, and your family is no different. Whether you dream of a floor-to-ceiling library wall or a stacked space for board games and crafting tools, building custom shelving can make any room’s design work with the storage solutions you need. It’s aesthetically pleasing and functional, so why not go for it?

7. Rain Shower

If you love the feeling of a spa experience, why not create it in your own house? A walk-in shower with a luxurious rain head can work in nearly any bathroom. Rain-like showerheads feel amazing, and they look beautiful in any bathroom. Line your shower with a fun tile pattern or leave it minimal and enjoy the water — whatever flows with your style.

Feel at Home

Whatever features you add to your self-built home, you’ll rest easy knowing you’ve customized them to your heart’s content. Your home is unique, just like your family, and you can all enjoy your efforts for years to come. 

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