Tips for Safely Using the Self-Cleaning Oven Feature

Rose Morrison

Dec 7, 2020

is it safe to use the self cleaning oven?

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Is it safe to use the self-cleaning oven feature? Many homeowners don’t know the answer to this question. In short, you can employ the self-cleaning oven feature to clean messes. But it’s essential to do so correctly so that you don’t damage your appliance.

There are a few rights and wrongs to remember. Here’s how to employ the self-cleaning oven feature properly.

Assess Any Inside Messes

You likely won’t need to apply this feature unless you have to deal with a massive mess. If you use your oven to cook several meals a week, it’s easy to keep away grease and grime.

Try to clean your oven every three months or so that it stays maintained. That said, it’s helpful to self-clean every so often so that you can tackle continuous buildup.

Take a look at your oven to determine whether you need to apply this feature. Do you see baked-on particles, grease, oil or any other substances? If you don’t think a sponge with soap and water could completely tackle the problem, it’s time to self-clean.

Remove Racks and Trays

Make sure to pull out all inside racks and trays before you use this feature. This process will damage those objects so that they’re harder to slide in and out. You can use your bathtub or shower to clean your racks quickly and easily. If there’s any foil inside your oven, it’s crucial to take out those materials, too.

If you’ve already left your racks inside while your oven self-cleans, it’s generally easy to fix them. Take a paper towel with olive oil to your racks so that they can move more smoothly into your oven. You should also remove as much food debris as possible before you employ this feature.

Examine Your Oven’s Method

While most ovens can self-clean, it’s necessary to understand which type your oven uses. This feature either employs heat or steam to dislodge buildup. The first method cranks up your oven’s temperature to over 600 degrees to burn off debris. The second method adds water to the range to create steam that eliminates messes.

You may be able to choose between either type. In any case, it’s smart to know how your oven will clean itself so that you can prepare accordingly. Take a look at your oven’s instruction manual to find this information. You can also search your oven’s model online if you don’t have an instruction manual.

Set Aside a Time Slot

It’s necessary to set aside time to self-clean your oven, whether your appliance uses heat or steam. An oven that applies heat will take at least two hours to burn away buildup. One that employs stem only takes around 40 minutes to run a complete cycle.

Remember that you’ll have to place water inside your oven for the steam process to work. Check your owner’s manual for that amount.

You should leave your house if your oven uses heat. This method emits gases and fumes that could affect your health. Open a few nearby windows and sit outside for a while. You may want to move pets to another space so that they don’t fall ill from carbon monoxide emitted from your oven.

Then, you’ll want to let your oven cool completely before anyone opens it. It’s smart to lock or fasten your oven so that no one can access it until it’s inside temperature has fallen.

Wipe Down Leftover Residue

Your oven will likely have some loose residue leftover inside. Make sure to dampen a cloth to wipe down your oven’s interior to extract those bits. You can even try your vacuum cleaner if the buildup has loosened. As a result, you should have a clean oven to use for the foreseeable future.

Don’t forget to wipe down spills and buildup between self-clean sessions to keep your oven maintained. You shouldn’t employ this feature more than a few times a year, so it’s essential to consistently manage your oven with less harsh methods. A little baking soda and white vinegar can effectively clean your oven without much hassle.

Is It Safe to Use the Self-Cleaning Oven Feature? Yes, With Caution

So, is it safe to use the self-cleaning oven feature? You can employ this method to clean your oven, but you should also proceed with caution. A few simple tricks can help you apply your oven’s self-cleaning feature safely. As long as you take specific steps to prepare your appliance before and after, you should be able to keep your oven sparkly clean.

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