The 3 Best Ways to Get Rid of Roaches Overnight

Rose Morrison

Oct 26, 2022


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Cockroaches are pesky insects that can infiltrate your home and damage your health. When they find a nice place to eat and breed, they attract others to the area, which can overwhelm your household. 

Thankfully, there are ways to get rid of roaches, which will in turn stop the spread of bacteria and allergens to you and your family. 

There are many ways to eliminate roaches over time, but here are the three best ways to get rid of them overnight. 

1. Borax

Borax is an ingredient in many powder laundry detergents, making it an easy find at most grocery stores. 

It’s extremely toxic to roaches when ingested, quickly dehydrating them. This method is an excellent way to quickly eliminate a large number of roaches. 

While borax itself isn’t tasty to cockroaches, you can trick them into consuming it by mixing it with sugar. 

Mix equal parts of the borax with sugar before scattering it along where the roaches hide. When they come out at night, they’ll want to eat the sugar and consume the borax. In the morning, you can sweep the roaches up and clean the area. 

2. Diatomaceous Earth 

Another safe-for-humans option to remove roaches from your home is diatomaceous earth. 

The powder is made from ground-up fossils and breaks down the protective layer of their exoskeleton, dehydrating them. 

Be sure to use a food-grade version for the best results. Lay out the powder near the cockroaches’ hiding place. When they walk through it, it will begin killing them. As they bring the powder back to the den, exposing more roaches to it. 

Diatomaceous earth works as an insecticide and a preventative measure to keep roaches away from your home. If you’re concerned about roaches infesting your home, lay some of the powder around any openings to safely prevent an infestation. 

3. Insecticide Gel

In personal and professional settings, insecticide sprays are a common way to eliminate cockroaches. 

Unlike the other two options, insecticides can be toxic to humans, so it’s important to take protective measures when using them. 

Gels are some of the most potent insecticides out there, able to quickly and efficiently take care of cockroaches in your home. 

Squeeze the gel into the cracks where the cockroaches nest. The gel attracts the insects by presenting them as a food source. Hungry roaches consume the gel before going back to their nest and dying within a few hours. 

One of the pros of this method is that you can apply the gel directly into different cracks and crevices, preventing the roaches from even coming into your main living areas. 

The gel is toxic if ingested by humans, so it’s important that you wear gloves during the application process. You only should apply the gel in areas that kids and pets can’t access. 

Getting Rid of Roaches Quickly

Cockroaches are pesky insects that spread allergens and bacteria throughout your home. If you have a roach problem, these methods can quickly eliminate them. 

Getting rid of roaches overnight can quickly get and keep your home clean and healthy.

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