9 Tips for Keeping Bugs Out of Your Home

Evelyn Long

Aug 9, 2023


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Frequent bug invasions are frustrating. The tiny pests get onto your property and into your house in ways you can’t see. Fortunately, you don’t need to battle them individually to finally free your house of bugs. Keep them out of your home with these nine easy solutions.

1. Clear Your Yard

Bugs will congregate on your property before they think about sneaking into your house. They prefer basking in the warm sunshine and hiding underneath yard debris. As those forms of yard waste pile up, they invite more of their friends to move into their insect neighborhood.

Clear your property of things like leaves, pine straw and old grass clippings to remove their natural shelters. Local bugs will seek refuge elsewhere before getting comfortable enough to explore your house.

2. Plant Peppermint Seeds

Research shows that mosquitoes avoid peppermint plants and essential oils. The smell overwhelms their sensitive olfactory systems, so they stay far away from the source. Planting peppermint seeds in pots and placing them on your front or back porch will make them bug-free spaces for outdoor hangouts.

This tactic will ensure mosquitoes won’t sneak into your home when your external doors open. You’ll never worry about opening your windows to catch a breeze or fighting mosquitoes while you’re trying to relax on your back porch.

3. Repair Old Bug Damage

Once pests know how to use your house to their advantage, they’ll return the same way. If you know how they got in, repair the damage right away. Carpenter bees chew into wooden porch beams or swingsets to make their homes. After removing them with pesticides, patch the holes with wood putty or the right-sized plug. It only takes a few minutes to discourage others from returning.

4. Schedule Insecticide Sprays

Bugs might be a constant issue depending on where you live. Swampy regions and waterways are natural havens for all types of pests. You can schedule a professional insecticide team to spray your property in the early spring and mid-summer. They’ll create a bug-fighting border that adds more robust protection if your local environment works against your interests.

Some pest control companies even offer all-natural sprays for those who live eco-friendly lifestyles. Get quotes from various companies and tell them your product preferences to find the right match for your bug-removal needs.

5. Contact Preventative Specialists

Termites are another type of bug you want to keep out of your home. While sprays are available at home improvement stores, a professional termite company has the training to troubleshoot your foundation. They’ll likely recommend an annual visit to spray around your home and check for signs of infestation. It’s a simple bug-fighting tip that could save you from the average $1,000–$3,000 in termite repairs that catch some homeowners unaware.

6. Store Your Food More Efficiently

When bugs look for a new home, they want the safest shelter closest to a food source. If a stray ant or roach finds food around your house, they’ll invite their friends to move in.

Evaluate your current food storage methods to see if there are more effective solutions. You could keep pet food in air-tight containers or transfer a bag of chips to a sealable Ziplock bag instead of using a loose chip clip. Vacuuming your kitchen frequently will also remove the unavoidable issue of crumbs.

7. Apply New Caulk

Caulk is the thin white strip along the edges of your windows, doors and base molding. It cracks and falls apart with age, which bugs use to their advantage. Check every room to inspect the caulk lines carefully. If necessary, you can use a specialized caulking gun to apply a new layer and patch any holes quickly.

8. Remove Outdoor Pet Waste

If you have a pet that relieves themselves outdoors, their waste piles could be a significant reason pests stick around your property. Insects like flies love to eat decaying animal waste. They’ll lay eggs that turn into larvae, which root into the soil beneath your pet’s preferred bathroom spots to continue their life cycle.

Pick up your pet’s waste whenever they relieve themselves. If it remains in a pet waste bag and goes directly into a trash can, bugs won’t reach it and reproduce. You’ll have fewer flies darting through your open windows and doorways, which makes it easier to have a pest-free house.

9. Hide Bug Traps

Responding to bugs on your own gets tiring. Take preventive measures by hiding pest traps around your home. People place them under furniture, behind appliances and inside kitchen or bathroom cabinets. When the next roach, ant or spider investigates your house, they’ll eat the poisoned food inside the trap and never get to start an infestation.

Keep Bugs Out of Your Home

Anyone can use these tips to keep bugs out of their home, wherever they live or whatever solution they prefer. You can use DIY ideas like planting pest-repelling seeds or get help from a local professional team. Either way, you’ll have a bug-free house and finally get a chance to relax.

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