These Patio Furniture Ideas Can Create the Perfect Summer

Olivia Elsher

Jun 21, 2021

patio furniture ideas

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Your outdoor space is a zone for you to kick back, relax and entertain if the moment calls for it. Whether you have a patio, deck or just a cute seating area outside on your balcony, you have many ways to make the summer mesh with your style to create the perfect space.

You deserve to lounge around or dish out drinks for all your pals, no matter the weather. From the hot summer days to the cooler nights, use these patio furniture ideas to keep you comfortable and relaxed for any occasion. Here are our favorite choices:

1. Rustic Adirondack Chairs

Whether you’re sipping wine by the poolside or chilling amid a canopy of trees, these classic Adirondack chairs bring the sweet camping vibes to any outdoor space. They’re simple, offer much-needed sturdiness and can blend in or stand out — whatever works with your living area.

a grey stained wooden folding Adirondack chair

$153.89 from Overstock

2. Giancarlo Square Wood Outdoor Coffee Table

If you’re looking to keep with the simple and rustic, look no further. This wooden outdoor table is perfect for a warm, natural feel with its wood tones and clean lines. Rest your ice-cold lemonade on it while you chat and socialize with your friends at your next garden party.

a light wooden table for patio furniture

$114.94 from Home Depot

3. Reversible Cushioned Hanging Chair

Are you looking for a seating option with a bit of an adventurous kick? This hanging chair is super stylish and a ton of fun. Whether you have kids who like a bit of swing or a few boozy party guests who want to hang out — or you simply want to spend the afternoon getting cozy with a book — this is the perfect addition to your patio or deck.

blue and white striped hanging swing for the perfect summer

$179.99 from Kohls

4. Steel Pergola With Canopy

Pergolas can be serious investments, but this doesn’t always have to be true. They offer some shade and shelter for those sunny days or summer drizzles, making them the perfect addition to top off your patio if you don’t have an awning or some natural shade already.

a steel pergola with draped fabric

$469.99 from Wayfair

5. LED Star String Lights

String lights can pull any outdoor space together — so why not bring in some stars? Hang these lights overhead for the perfect twinkling ambiance that can take any patio from drab to effortlessly cozy and chic.

decorative star lights

$13.09 from Walmart

6. Wine Bottle Wind Chimes

These cute wind chimes bring a little creativity and flair to any deck or patio. Listen to their soft chimes and watch the light from the recycled glass reflect across your space.

multicolored hanging wine bottle windchimes

$23.99 from BottlesUncorked on Etsy

7. Mocha Outdoor Rug

If you’re looking for a natural, textured and compact rug that won’t break the bank, this one has you covered. The brown earth tones and light beige hues blend to create the perfect subtle accent for your deck or patio floor. Take this one rustic, or go a little more modern with your style. It provides versatility while still remaining fun and unique.

brown & mocha leaf patterned outdoor rug

$49 from Jungalow

8. Solar Garden LED Lights

Looking for something to light up your life once the day is done? These LED lights create the perfect mood lighting for any party bumping into the evening hours. Plus, they’re weather-resistant and totally unique.

bright LED garden verticle tube lights

$19.39 from YoungBlossomPlace on Etsy

9. Outdoor Rectangular Steel Plant Stand

Gardening can bring your space to life, whether you prefer growing colorful flowers or edible herbs on your patio for homemade pestos and drinks.

This sweet stacked plant stand can swing super vintage or modern and fit all the plants your heart desires. Plus, its unique shape will surely add to the personality of any deck or patio.

outdoor steel plant ladder shelf

$70.16 from Lowes

10. Patio Umbrella

If your outdoor space doesn’t have an awning and you’re looking for some shade, a simple umbrella can do the trick! This basic patio umbrella comes in many colors to match whatever decor style you have in mind.

a steel red patio umbrella

$69.99 from Bed Bath & Beyond

Patio Furniture Ideas for Your Summer Parties

Need some patio furniture ideas and style inspiration? No matter your budget, style or location, you can cultivate the perfect patio for the best summer experiences. Whether you’re lounging around or serving as the life of the party, you can decorate your space so it’s completely “you.”

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