Our Top Picks for the Best Area Rugs (Updated for 2023)

Rose Morrison

Dec 6, 2023

a round rug under a comfy orange chair

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Finding the best decor for your home can be fun and exciting, no matter your style. While not every room needs an area rug, they can certainly tie a space together and bring a level of comfort to any home. If you have newer wood floors or another hard surface, bringing in an area rug can add a bit of dimension to the flooring area and add to the texture of the room. With so many options, it’s hard to pick between some of the best area rugs!

Whether you’re shopping around or have something specific in mind for your area rug pick, it can be tough to find something that meets all of your needs. From size to shape and even color specifications, you have a specific style, and sticking to it is part of maintaining your vision for your home.

There are a lot of details that go into picking the best area rugs for your home. Whether you’re looking to go outside your comfort zone with your decor or you’re searching for something specific, you need a high-quality, long-lasting piece that will work with your current space. Luckily, there are plenty of rugs that come in different shapes and sizes to make things easier on you, and there are so many options you can explore.

No matter what kind of rug you have in mind, there are so many choices that can make your home a great place to be. Here are some of our top picks for the best area rugs.

1. Threshold Floral Woven Accent Rug

brown and red floral accent circle rug

If you’re on the hunt for something round, with a bit of a vintage flair, this one could be right up your alley! With its muted colors and woven floral patterns, this rug is sophisticated without being flashy, making it just perfect for a dining area or living area. Use it to root down a textured space or to bring a bit of grounding to a brighter space.

2. Aloha Indoor/Outdoor Area Rug

This rug can function as both an indoor and outdoor rug, which is great news, because its vibrant, simple design would brighten up any cheery living room or contribute to the serenity of a patio or terrace. Plus, it comes in a variety of color options, so if you’re not a fan of the orange and blue, you can switch to something a bit more muted or even something brighter.

3. Goideal Fluffy Soft Bedroom Area Rug

black shaggy soft plush area rug

Maybe you’re not all that into patterns. If you’d rather go for something simple, fluffy, and comfortable, this could be one of the best area rugs for you. This simple microfiber rug comes in various colors, and its solid surface makes it a great comfortable base for any room, whether you’re a minimalist or an artistic spirit.

4. Moroccan Shag Tufted Rug

This rug plays with texture and pattern rather than color, making it perfect for those with a neutral color palette but still looking for a bit of dimension in their decor. The rug is available in charcoal or grey and could work in any environment, from bohemian to midcentury modern. Plus, its wool and nylon blend is comfortable, warm, and inviting.

The shag is durable and comes in multiple different sizes, depending on the area you wish to place it in. You can take care of this cozy rug by simply vacuuming it regularly and avoiding continuous sunlight exposure.

5. Paris Traditional Wool Area Rug

On the hunt for high-quality materials, a modernist twist, and a unique design? Look no further than this traditional teal area rug from Amazon. Coming in a variety of sizes and dimensions, this cool, neutral-toned rug is great for any sophisticated space that just needs a little something extra. Made from 100% wool, cleaning the rug is effortless. You can spot clean spills and splashes yourself, but professional cleaning ensures the rug lasts even longer.

6. Hand Tufted Pebbles Accent Rug

This hand-crafted rug from Amazon might have you feeling a little fancy, and that could be just what your space needs. The natural pattern mimics pebbles and the comfortable, warm feel of the rug are enough to bring some coziness to any space. The uneven texture gives it a unique flair, too — transforming any room with just a small detail.

This rug boasts high and low weaving patterns and is built to last. The natural browns and beiges can transform any room into a cozy sanctuary. Add warmth to your bedroom, living room or entry way with a touch of style.

7. Shyann Floral Blue Area Rug

blue and white floral rug

If you want a vintage pop of something blue, this rug could be just the thing you need. The soft color and the intricate pattern are perfect for a vintage style, but without the heaviness of many other antique patterns in darker colors. Not only is this rug aesthetically pleasing, but it’s also stain-resistant, which is great for any household that loves a party — or a glass of wine on the weekends.

8. Ruggable Dakota Shamanic Rug

geometric rug

Ruggable might just be the star of the show. Not only are these rugs stain-resistant, but they can also go in the washing machine — yes, you heard that right. The washing machine. This beautiful shamanic patterned gem comes in a variety of colors as well as an array of sizes. It’s perfect for any room in virtually any household.

9. Cudney Geometric Sky Blue/Navy Area Rug

blue, grey, and white geometric rug

If you love a bit of color but you’re looking for something subtle, this geometric patterned rug could be exactly what you’re looking for. The sky blue and navy blue mix to create a soft, unique color palette, and the rug comes in a variety of shapes and sizes so that it can work in any room.

10. Natural Textured Cream Rug

Another high-quality favorite from nuLOOM, this uniquely patterned rug is an excellent addition to any bohemian, vintage, or even minimalist space that needs a bit of extra pop. It comes in a variety of sizes so that it can work anywhere from the bedroom to the living room.

The neutral colors mean it can work in a variety of settings and themes, allowing the other colors to stand out. The texture adds an extra element of warmth to your space.

This rug is sustainable and handcrafted, allowing you to decorate your home with minimal environmental impact. Made from fibers like wool and sisal, it’s easy to clean and maintain by simply brushing or shaking off dirt and debris.

11. Lochas Luxury Velvet Shag Area Rug

grey and white shag area ruug

If you want a shag area rug but you aren’t too keen on just plain colors, this velvet shag area rug is a great soft option with a bit of visual dimension. Available in a variety of colors, the geometric pattern can add a bit of flair to any room, in addition to adding the comfort of warm shag beneath your feet.

12. Ruggable Absida Polychrome Rug

white vintage rainbow rug

Another ruggable fan favorite, this Absida polychrome area rug can bring so much visual life into any space. Almost like a throwback to the 1970s, the muted-yet-bright colors are a great conversation starter to build any room around. Whether you have a plain room in need of a bit of a boost or a funky bohemian space you want to tie together with a rug, this one could be the perfect remedy. Plus, like all Ruggable rugs, it’s stain-resistant and machine-washable.

13. Safavieh Moroccan Tassel Shag Collection

neutral patterned moroccan tassel shag area rug

If you want a shag carpet with the addition of some tassel flair, this could be the perfect choice for you. Available in a few different color combinations and variations, this Moroccan tassel rug can blend with virtually any room and any space. Between the shag material and the thick plush of the rug, it’s also sure to keep anyone toasty warm no matter what kind of flooring is underneath.

This rug doesn’t shed, meaning it won’t leave your space feeling untidy. You can keep the rug clean by regularly vacuuming it and gently blotting mild stains.

The Best Area Rugs

There are so many ways to tie a room together, and option from out list of best area rugs can do the trick. Not only do they add a great visual element to a space by starting at the floor, but they also offer warmth, coziness, and a bit of homeyness to your already great abode.

Whether your priority is stain resistance, comfort, or aesthetics, there’s something out there that’s bound to strike your fancy. What’s your favorite rug from this list? And do you have any favorites that we missed?

Original Publish Date 4/7/2021 — Updated 12/6/2023

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