13 Mid-Century Modern Furniture Sets For Your Retro Remodel

Olivia Elsher

Jan 2, 2023

a mid-century modern furniture-filled living room

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Mid-century modern furniture styles dominate the current renovation trends by balancing the past and future. In the mid-20th century, we found more advanced mass production after the war. Other societal themes, like the nuclear family unit and simplicity, pushed designs to be linear and clean instead of the traditional ornate and flowery styles. 

Mid-century modern adopts these themes of functionality with accents of bold color. In these furniture sets, you may find certain similarities, such as: 

  • Wood like teak and oak
  • Curved and geometric shapes
  • Bold accent colors matched with neutral, grounding ones
  • Function valued over ornate styles
  • Colors like mustard, burnt orange, olive green and shades of brown

The following mid-century modern furniture sets are sure to add a pop of color and a classy feel to your home. By calling to the past, you bring your home into trends of the future. 

1. Bamboo End Table 

This bamboo end table acts as an end table and magazine rack. Built with walnut wood and waveform glass, you can display and store a variety of décor on top. The bamboo screen is durable and environmentally friendly as well. 

With a unique Z-shape, this end table brings a linear and eclectic style into your living room. 

$51.57 from Amazon

2. Paneled Display Stand

This oak display stand holds everything from vinyl records to DVDs and gaming equipment. Paneled openings like this are typical of mid-century modern furniture and perfect for any living room or bedroom décor. 

$167.77 from Amazon

3. Velvet Accent Chair

The burnt-orange and sienna color scheme screams mid-century modern. Stabilized with thin, gold legs, velvet chairs like this one provide a sleek and clean look. The boxy shape provides a nice balance with the other rounded options from the mid-century selection. 

$153.99 from Amazon

4. Velvet Dining Chairs

Continuing on the velvet chair train, these dining chairs feature the Eames-style armless look. This olive green color is soothing but also bright enough to pair with the wood styles of any dining room table. 

2 chairs at $239 from Amazon

5. Tufted Orange Sofa

This tufted sofa is available in a dark, lush green or vibrant sienna and calls to both the rounded and boxy look. Oval arms the same height as the backrest create a uniform appearance to any living space. Bright accent pieces pair perfectly with neutral browns, greys and blacks. 

$578.99 from Amazon

6. Modern Ceramic Vases

These vases are available in the classic mid-century modern colors: orange, teal and grey. Imagine the blooming colors of wildflowers or daisies to complement the vibrancy of your space.

$29.99 from Amazon

7. Vibrant Throw Pillow Covers

If you’re looking for neutral colors in your furniture, you can still bring mid-century modern in through accent pieces. These throw pillows offer orange and teal bursts of color to the overall vibe. 

$26 from Amazon

8. Relaxed Lounge Chair

Another classic look for your home is the relaxed accent chair. The smooth, dark wood paired with forest green fabric offers a retro and comfortable fit. 

$139 from Amazon

9. Globe Standing Lamp

This lamp takes linear design to another level. With two bulbs suspended on horizontal gold poles, you can find comfortable lighting with an accent lamp. 

$42.48 from Amazon

10. Sunburst Clock

Sunburst clocks are fixtures of mid-century style. Sure, we can all tell time at the flick of the wrist or a push of a button, but analog clocks can still be fun and exciting furniture pieces. 

$99.99 from Amazon

11. Wood and Leather Retro Chair

Leather is another classic material for this trend. To lean into the more neutral side of modern looks, try this wood and leather chair in an orange and brown blend. 

$89.88 from Amazon

12. Waveform Panel Credenza

Even calling this dresser a credenza adds an element of style. The paneled and waveform drawers are stylistic while still offering ample room for clothing storage.

$339 from Amazon

13. Rounded Coffee Table

Coffee tables are the perfect spot for displaying your favorite magazines or games. Imagine this egg-shaped table displaying the perfect layout for your guests this year. 

$67.41 from Amazon

Retro Renovations 

When choosing mid-century modern furniture sets, always remember to balance functionality and aesthetics. Retro furniture is exciting and fresh, but using too much could make your living room look like a museum. Exploring that balance offers a chance to revitalize your home with bold style. 

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