Where to Find Inexpensive Mirrors for Every Room

Olivia Elsher

Jul 18, 2023

inexpensive mirror hung above a table with vases on top

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Savvy design enthusiasts know how to create a beautiful home while staying on a tight budget. It might require thrifting some items or cutting coupons — however, they always find a way to save. Their approach is similar when looking to buy inexpensive mirrors. 

Mirrors tie each room’s design together — sometimes, it can make a small room feel much larger. Yet, mirrors are typically expensive, especially if they’re more high-end. Fortunately, you can buy inexpensive mirrors to decorate every room in your home.

Where Can You Buy Inexpensive Mirrors?

It’s easy to find mirrors on the cheap. Home Depot, Lowes or other hardware stores may have excellent discounts during sale seasons. Some furniture stores also offer markdowns for various holidays.

Sometimes, you come across a beautiful — and affordable — mirror at thrift stores, garage sales or antique shops. Depending on your home style, these second-hand items may fit perfectly in your home. 

HomeGoods and similar stores are other options for you to consider. Of course, you can always search for inexpensive mirrors online to fit your style preferences and price range.

Mirror prices vary depending on the frame materials and size. Remember, you can always paint a frame any color you choose.

6 Budget-Friendly Mirrors to Buy Online

Sifting through mirrors and other decorative items at a brick-and-mortar store is fun. Some people must see and feel an object in person before they commit. However, nowadays, people usually prefer purchasing their goods online. 

Although there are perks to both shopping methods, buying mirrors online allows you to compare prices more quickly and search for better deals. Here are six mirrors under $100 to consider as you start bargain-hunting.

1. Brightify Black Bathroom Mirror

Approximately 48% of homeowners remodel their bathrooms because they can’t stand the outdated look. However, sometimes, it takes just a few low-cost upgrades to turn your bathroom into a spa-like oasis. 

A new vanity mirror can take your bathroom style to the next level — for instance, the black-framed bathroom mirror by Brightify will pop against white walls.

Brightify’s bathroom mirror comprises high-definition glass and exceptional-quality matte black metal framing. The design is simple enough to look at, but the product is impressively shockproof and durable. Installation instructions are also straightforward, as it arrives with four hooks and the necessary hardware.

This mirror is rectangular, measuring 24 inches by 36 inches. It would be the perfect mirror for a small bathroom space, reflecting ample light to enlarge the room and make it brighter.

$79.99 on Amazon

2. XRAMFY Full-Length Leaning Mirror

Leaning mirrors are perfect for empty corners in the living room or bedroom, giving your space ample depth and height. You can often find leaning mirrors with rounded tops or intricate framing. An antique leaning mirror can also add warmth to a contemporary home design.

The XRAMFY Full-Length Leaning Mirror has a rust-resistant aluminum frame measuring 58 inches by 18 inches. According to its manufacturer, the mirror has explosion-proof glass, ensuring the highest quality and high-definition reflection. 

This full-length mirror is easy to assemble — you can hang it, lean it against the wall or use the stand. There’s no way you can beat the price tag of under $100, regardless of how you display the mirror.

$59.99 on Amazon

3. Kemmandi 10-Piece Hexagonal Mirror Wall Art

Some people look for mirrors that are more decorative than others — allowing you to inject even more creativity into your home design. For instance, the Kemmandi 10-Piece Hexagonal Mirror are mirrored tile stickers you can peel and adhere to the wall.

Each hexagonal tile comprises glass with clear imagery. With so many tiles in the pack, you can create a unique design that fits the space. The Kemmandi 10-Piece Mirror is essentially wall art — ideal for a living room, formal dining area or powder room. 

Of course, with so many tile stickers, homeowners might worry this wall mirror will ruin surfaces. However, you can remove the adhesive stick easily without messing up the paint. 

$32.99 on Amazon

4. BEAUTYPEAK Asymmetrical Mirror

The BEAUTYPEAK Asymmetrical Mirror will give your bedroom, bathroom or foyer a whimsical feel — you might call it a work of art.

This mirror has an unassuming wooden frame that delivers a more classic look. It also comes with the highest quality float glass for an undistorted image. 

Lean the mirror against the wall or on a console by the front door. You can also mount it wherever you like. The product comes with all the screws to ensure easy hanging and sturdiness.

$49.99 on Amazon

5. Americanflat Black Over-the-Door Mirror

If you’re always wondering if you look good when you leave the house, you probably could use the Americanflat Black Over-the-Door Mirror. 

This over-the-door mirror comes in several sizes and hangs over your bedroom, bathroom or closet door with two brackets — no need for drilling holes in the wall. With its simple design, you can save plenty of space.

The frame comprises a durable MDF material with lead-free glass. You can also adjust the mirror’s height when you hang it over the door.

$54.99 on Amazon

6. Smartxchoices Round Mirror

Give your bathroom vanity a facelift with a round mirror to fit your budget. Smartxchoices sells inexpensive mirrors for modern, farmhouse style, mid-century modern and luxe designs.

This minimalistic round mirror has a black metal frame and premium 4-millimeter (mm) glass for optimal reflection. The silver backing ensures the glass is durable in humid conditions — a long, steamy shower is no match to this mirror.

There are two sizes to choose from — 18 inches or 24 inches. Since the price is so right — under $30 — you can buy two for a main bathroom. Of course, this mirror will elevate any room.

$22.99 on Amazon

Inexpensive Mirrors Are Easy to Come By

Affordable mirrors are easier to find than you think. It’s essential to know the budget you’re working with and to take advantage of special sales and discounts. You can find the perfect mirror for your home without breaking the bank.

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