How to Make Your Bedroom Cozy

Olivia Elsher

Feb 14, 2023

unmade bed in a dark bedroom with a window in the background

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There’s nothing like melting into your bed after a long day. However, our rooms could often use a dose of extra coziness for quality sleep and relaxation.

Your bedroom space is highly personal and usually the least visited room by guests. As such, a few cozy touches might be necessary to enhance how you feel when you’re spending time there. 

These six ideas will give you some much-needed inspiration if you’re unsure how to make your bedroom cozy or what elements to include. 

1. Incorporate Wood

When you think of a cozy atmosphere, a warm fire or cabin tucked away in the woods might come to mind. Naturally, wood elements are ideal for making your bedroom more soothing. 

Wood adds a sense of warmth to any space, whether your bedroom is small or large. Consider adding floor-to-ceiling board cladding or paneling behind your bed. Wood furnishings also make excellent accent pieces to generate greater comfortability. 

Taking a nod from Scandinavian interiors may inspire you. For instance, a light-colored wood with natural tones and imperfections tends to blend well with other colors in the design. 

If a wall or furniture is too much wood for your taste, including a wooden headboard, decorative bowls or wall art are other options. 

2. Create Ambiance with Lighting

No one’s heard of harsh, blinding lights in a cozy bedroom. When aiming for a more intimate space that washes a sense of calmness over you, creating ambiance with the correct illumination is critical.

Ambient lighting uses luminary biofeedback to induce a more relaxing state of mind and body. You might opt for varied lighting sources, including three-way light bulbs, wall-mounted ceiling lights with dimmer switches or bedside lamps.

Of course, nothing beats natural window lighting. Instead, avoid heavy paneling and hang sheer curtains to allow enough sunlight to enter your bedroom during the day.

3. Include Soft Textiles

In a cushy bedroom, blankets galore make all the difference. Especially in the winter, you’ll want to cocoon yourself in plenty of plush blankets. 

Layer different blankets in various styles, textures and colors for enhanced dimension. A chunky knitted blanket will look warm and inviting draped over the foot of the bed. 

You can also create a similar look with several decorative pillows in different sizes, shapes and patterns.

Remember that there’s a right and wrong way to include textiles in your cozy bedroom. For example, you’ll want the colors and patterns to complement each other for a more cohesive style.

4. Throw an Area Rug Down

Allow your toes to sink into a shag rug when your feet hit the floor in the morning. The added texture can give your bedroom an extra dose of softness.

There are options for including rugs in the bedroom. One way is to slide a rug under the entire bed, while you might also prefer an area rug alongside the bed. 

Another popular design trend entails layering multiple floor coverings in different textures and colors. Consider pairing natural sisal and Persian rugs or a faux animal hide rug on top of your favorite pattern.

Although there aren’t any rules to layering rugs, you’ll want to ensure that the design isn’t too thick or creates a trip hazard.

5. Add Potted Indoor Plants

According to the Living Cozy Index 2021, houseplants earned a 9.35 out of 10 popularity rating for the coziest home design trends — an increase of 3,3160,000 Google searches from the previous year.

Adding natural elements like plants in the window or different pots in the corner of the room will help generate the comfy space you’re after and improve your bedroom’s air quality. 

It also presents an opportunity to get creative with containers, with wide-ranging colors, patterns and shapes to choose from. Just be sure to buy indoor plants that can survive in low-light conditions.

6. Light a Candle

We don’t all have the luxury of a bedroom fireplace, but there’s another way to create the warm and cozy feeling it gives off: candles. 

You can work candles into your cozy bedroom design in several ways. Create a candle display on the dresser in large and small sizes, opt for tea lights or use LED-powered faux candles if safety is a concern.

Scented candles can also help make your bedroom cozier with several warm scents, such as baked goods, balsam cedar, hot coffee or a blend of vanilla and cinnamon notes.

Turn Your Bedroom Into a Homey Refuge

There are many ways to make your bedroom cozy — however, these six suggestions are the staple design elements you’ll want to include. Experiment with different items and textures to see what meets your design preferences best, and enjoy the comforts and warmth of sleeping in a snug space.

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