How To Decorate a Studio Apartment

Rose Morrison

Feb 18, 2023


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Decorating a studio apartment can be challenging if you aren’t accustomed to living in a small space. You can divide your small apartment into separate living spaces with some tips to maximize your space. Let’s explore how you can make the most of your studio apartment.  

Dividing Your Apartment

There are various ways that you can divide your apartment space. It might take a little creativity on your part, depending on the layout of your apartment, but you can make the most of what you have. Consider taking a bookshelf and placing it between a space you want to divide. You can put a bookshelf at the end of your bed for privacy and to separate your bedroom space. 

You can also use the bookshelf as a statement piece by drawing focus to it with your decor. Cubed bookcases are excellent for studio apartments since they allow light to pass through the cubes. So, if your space feels light, it’s a little cramped, consider open shelving to let more light into your home. Rugs, screens, couches and curtains hung from a tension rod can also serve as dividers for your space. 

Let the Light In

Lighting can influence how an entire room looks and feels. If you incorporate various light sources into your space, you can make it appear larger and more welcoming while emphasizing the tone and structure of your decor. Hang your curtains above your windows to elongate the height of your room. Opt for white curtains or lighter tones to emphasize the light that shines through them–dark tones can make rooms appear darker. 

If you have white walls, white curtains can soften your window edges and allow more sunlight to radiate through your home. Mirrors can also increase the light in your room. Try placing mirrors that oppose your windows to allow the light to bounce off them and spread throughout your space. You can use different shapes of mirrors to create depth in your home. Mount them on the walls or balance them on a shelf or dresser. 

Create Storage

Clutter can make your space feel smaller than it is and has adverse effects on your mental health. When your area feels cluttered, it can make you feel overwhelmed and stress you out.  Elevate your space with organizational hacks that help you get organized and stay that way. Add shelving to an empty wall with drawers and clothes racks for an open-air closet. 

You can create clever shoe storage with tension rods, cubed bookshelves or decorative storage baskets. Ottomans and daybeds can also provide extra storage space for your studio apartment. You can organize your kitchen with a rack above your sink rather than beside it.

Store your seasonings in a drawer and add over-the-door shoe holders to maximize storage space in your pantry to store water bottles or other kitchen necessities. Use a cutlery organizer for your toiletries in your bathroom, and add hooks inside your vanity for your curling iron or other hair products. Magazine holders are also excellent ways to organize your bathroom or kitchen items. 

Decorating a Studio Apartment 

Learning how to decorate your studio apartment by creating storage and exploring opportunities to maximize your space can be a fun and creative process. Using your imagination to create the aesthetic you want while finding ways to get organized doesn’t have to be a drag! Have fun with it–create a space you love and are excited to call home. 

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