How to Create Your Dream Home Theater Setup

Evelyn Long

Nov 23, 2020

dream home theater setup

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A home theater doesn’t have to involve a massive room with a professional-grade projector and screen. In fact, you won’t need to shell out any cash for a leather recliner and popcorn maker, either. With a few simple, cost-effective upgrades, you can create an ideal entertainment area for your friends and family.

Take a look at how to build a home theater setup for any space.

1. Set Aside Space

a large open-space living room with a fireplace

You may already have a dedicated TV room that you want to use for this project. Otherwise, it’s essential to think about which space would work best for an entertainment space. You’ll need to assess whether your location has access to certain features. Here are a few questions to ask yourself:

  • How many couches or chairs will fit?
  • Are there enough hookups for extra electronics?
  • Is natural light an issue?
  • Will any wiring installations need to be made?

If you’re ready to fully remodel an area to build a home theater, it’s likely that you’ve already assessed these questions. Anyone who wants to turn their family room into a more theater-like space should consider whether it’s set up properly. For example, you may not have space to fit a high-quality sound system.

Think about these aspects before you commit to any equipment.

2. Consider Your Electronic Equipment

home theater setup with multiple electronics

This part depends on how much you want to pay for a complete home theater setup. These days, you’re not required to spend hundreds on electronics to achieve a genuine feel. In fact, you can build an attractive and durable entertainment space without many upgrades.

The Basics

For a basic home theater, you’ll want a TV, soundbar and media player. You’ll find that most modern TVs provide better all-around features compared to projectors, so it’s unnecessary to buy one. A soundbar can further amplify your TV’s surround sound. Finally, you’ll need to have a media player for an accessible way to play shows and movies.

Your entertainment space should have this equipment to start. It’s smart to allocate your budget toward these aspects before you spend money on extras. After all, you’re only after a way to make your current setup look and feel more professional.

The Extras

If you aren’t beholden to a budget, it’s helpful to explore a few extras. A projector can turn any old space into a more realistic entertainment space. It’ll supply that “cool factor” that many homeowners desire. What says movie theater better than a 100-inch screen?

It’s essential to consider a few cons that come with projectors. You’ll have to spend at least a few hundred dollars to achieve a superior image quality. Plus, you can’t operate a projector without a screen, receiver, subwoofer and mount. This route works best for those who have money, time and space.

You can choose between various equipment to outfit your home theater however you please. Feel free to explore other additions like Blu-ray players and wireless HDMI to make your entertainment space more dynamic. Whether or not you have a strict budget, it’s possible to create an attractive home theater setup.

3. Think About Home Theater Design

an open space living room for a home theatre

Once you’ve decided which electronics to purchase, it’s time to consider how you’d like to design. You’ll want to look at furniture, lights, storage and any other feature that you want to add to your entertainment space. You can be as creative as you like. Remember that it’s all up to your budget — and imagination.

For example, if you don’t have room for stadium seats, it’s best to select a functional sectional to build an ideal layout. Incorporate blackout curtains for a dim theater feel. Keep snacks and drinks close with a small pantry and mini-fridge.

These additions aren’t required to make your area feel authentic. It’s easy to jazz up your current TV room with a few string lights and movie posters. Even a small accessory can make your home theater feel like you’re at a “Star Wars” premiere.

Guide to the Ultimate Home Theater Setup

Your home theater setup all depends on what you have to work with at home. Whether or not you have an unlimited budget, it’s possible to make your childhood dreams come true with a functional entertainment space. Use these ideas to make your project come to life.

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