Housewarming Party Themes for a Unique Celebration

Evelyn Long

Aug 30, 2021

housewarming party themes

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You’ve just moved into your house and now it’s time to celebrate. A new place calls for a fun housewarming party with friends and family. This way, everyone has a chance to see the home you’ve talked about for ages. You and your loved ones can catch up over drinks, food and games. But first, you need to prepare properly. After all, what’s a gathering without a unique concept? Here are a few housewarming party themes that work anywhere, anytime.

1. Sample Wines or Beers

wine tasting party theme for a unique celebration

The best housewarming parties feature an assortment of appetizers and cocktails. You can take that aspect up a notch with wine or beer tasting. Rather than a few standard beverages and a meat and cheese plate, you can feature different local wines or beers. This way, you can learn more about your new neighborhood. Did you know there was a brewery around the corner?

Set out a variety of beverages and label them with their names and flavor profiles. Your guests can sample as they please. Don’t forget to offer some hors d’oeuvres, too!

2. Throw a Backyard Barbecue

friends gathered for a housewarming party barbecue

You bought a house with a gorgeous outdoor kitchen, so why not fire up that grill? Invite your loved ones over for a backyard barbecue! This celebration can feel as laid-back as you wish. Choose a few mains, like hot wings and veggie burgers, as well as some side dish options. Be sure to pack a cooler with drinks so that people can grab and go. Everyone can lounge around and appreciate your outdoor space.

Don’t hesitate to take a more relaxed approach. When it comes time to plan a housewarming party, you’re already exhausted from the move. A casual afternoon may be the ideal way to celebrate.

3. Cook Sunday Brunch

a lovely spread of breakfast foods for a housewarming party

What’s better than a delicious Sunday brunch? Put together a mid-morning meal with a bagel and mimosa bar. Everyone can enjoy a tasty bite around the table — a perfect excuse to use your dining room for the first time!

As guests finish, they can walk around your house and garden. If you don’t want to play tour guide for too long, be sure to add signs that point people to specific areas.

You can also ask a friend to help clean up when you need to tend to host-related duties.

4. Host a Game Night

friends plaing uno at a housewarming party

If you and your friends love to get together for a weekly game night, here’s a terrific idea. Ask your guests to join you for a housewarming party that doubles as a board game tournament. You can set up tables around your living room or back patio where people can play their favorite games. You could also host a group game like Scattergories or Cards Against Humanity.

Remember to show people around your house, but feel free to have fun yourself. If you want to let guests explore by themselves, do your best to clean up any messes and stow away unpacked boxes.

5. Try a Black and White Dinner

black and white table setting for housewarming party

If you’re up for a more elegant party, consider a black and white dinner. You and your guests can don your best suits and dresses and gather for an exquisite meal. It’s customary to pop open some champagne when you buy a home, so don’t forget to fill up those glasses. You’ll have a chance to test out your new kitchen, too. Make sure to outline the dress code on your invitations so that everyone knows what to expect.

This theme provides a chance for some awesome pictures, so remember to snap a few as the night unfolds.

Housewarming Party Themes for a Memorable Event

These housewarming party themes are the perfect way to unveil your new house. Gather with your friends and family to commemorate this special step forward!

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