Considering Heavy Equipment Rental? Ask These Questions First

Peter Chambers

Feb 17, 2023


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If you’ve thought heavy equipment rental would solve many needs associated with your next construction project, you’re not alone. Many people conclude that renting is a cost-effective solution that gives them easy access to construction equipment in excellent condition. However, it’s not the right option in every case. Here are some essential questions to ask so you can make a well-informed decision. 

What Are the Terms and Rates Associated With the Heavy Equipment Rental?

Some people don’t realize that renting a piece of construction equipment usually doesn’t give them the freedom to use it however they wish. For example, if you’re paying per-day rates, that typically means you can use the equipment for eight hours per day. Similarly, weekly rates often only give you five days of use and eight hours of operating time over each one. 

Providers may also have rules about what tasks you can and cannot do while using the equipment. Suppose you’re renting a lift. Then, the rental company may stipulate that you can’t use it for painting, sandblasting or any other tasks that could cause permanent damage or appearance-related changes. 

However, the specifics vary per provider. That’s why it’s always necessary to read the fine print before signing any agreement. If you have any questions, bring them up to someone at the rental company before adding your signature to the document. 

Otherwise, an innocent mistake caused by not familiarizing yourself with the terms could mean you breach the heavy equipment rental agreement. Then, the company might fine you or take other action as a result. 

Maybe you have a modest budget and want to get the necessary equipment at the best possible rates. In that case, be straightforward with company representatives and see if they could do anything to make the prices more reasonable. Perhaps it’s less expensive to rent the equipment by the month than per week. Alternatively, you may find there’s a slightly older but still-capable machine that’s best for your financial needs. 

What Kind of Construction Equipment Do I Need?

Analysts expect the construction rentals market to reach $180 billion by 2027. The people managing most successful companies offering equipment for rent know they must cater to market needs. That means having the most in-demand options available for people to use. 

The types of construction equipment number in the dozens, making it necessary to consider your specific needs. A track loader could be the best choice if your site primarily has uneven terrain, and you worry tires won’t suit it. 

Additionally, a tower deck crane can help you move materials and items around sites. They’re ideal if you don’t have enough space to accommodate larger cranes. These pieces of equipment also have wheels, making them easy to move. 

One of the convenient things about heavy equipment rental is that it’s often a solution for short-term usage of specialized products. Maybe you only need to use a bulldozer or backhoe for a few days across the span of a whole project. In those cases, purchasing one of those machines doesn’t make financial sense.

Can I Browse the Heavy Equipment Rental Inventory Before Arrival?

As you’re finalizing your needs, you’ll probably speak to a heavy equipment rental company representative on the phone or by email. You might even go to a relevant website to learn more about the provider’s history, prices and equipment selection. 

More construction rental specialists are moving into the digital age by offering e-commerce functionality on their websites. Then, you can often book and pay for the equipment after deciding what to rent. 

Many people find that very handy because it cuts down the necessary steps. You may still sign a contract in person but can take care of the selection and payment beforehand. 

Do the Rentals Have Technology to Help Me Track Metrics?

The people working on today’s construction sites juggle numerous priorities. They include maintaining productivity, staying under budget, getting things done on time and meeting sustainability requirements, among other things. 

Fortunately, heavy equipment rental companies often invest in the latest technologies to make their offerings more competitive and appealing. For example, some rented equipment has on-board telematics and emissions-tracking tools to promote workflow visibility. 

One reason why people see heavy equipment rental as an appealing option is they can test the latest models without buying them. If you prioritize technology in your rentals, talk to your provider and ask them about the tech specs of their machines. 

Rented equipment often includes built-in geofencing technology. It allows you to specify usage zones and times. You receive real-time alerts of any activity outside those parameters. 

Are You Ready to Rent Heavy Equipment?

Proceeding with a heavy equipment rental requires careful consideration. However, asking these questions will help you feel more prepared and confident. 

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