6 Essential Tools for Homeowners

Evelyn Long

Jul 12, 2021


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As a homeowner, it’s crucial to stock up on various tools and equipment. After all, you have an entire house and property to manage. From outdoor projects to regular maintenance, you never know when you’ll need a drill or a wrench. Plus, who wants to have to drive to the store in the middle of a project? Here’s a look at six essential tools for homeowners.

1. A Ladder

In your previous space, you may have had a step-stool to help you tackle certain jobs. That equipment will also be useful for your new home. However, you should also purchase a full-size option. A sturdy, top-grade ladder can help you handle many interior and exterior tasks. Consider your walls’ height so you pick an appropriate size. The ladder should have a decent weight capacity to support you and any materials.

It’s always important to follow ladder safety tips when you use your equipment. To handle indoor and outdoor projects, you may want to buy two different ladders.

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2. Safety Gear

This is essential for any home project. Safety gear will help you stay protected when you have to handle specific tools. You’ll want to buy ear protection, work gloves, eye goggles, portable mats and dust masks. Also, be sure to have proper clothing. A pair of sturdy boots and pants can prevent injuries. You could consider special protective equipment like infrared cameras and lead detectors, too.

Furthermore, try to stow your safety gear with your other tools. A dedicated shelf or cabinet will help you stay tidy. These items are undoubtedly essential tools for homeowners.

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3. A Toolbox

All homeowners need their own toolboxes. You probably already have specific tools, but you may need to add a few particular pieces. Your collection should include:

·  Screwdrivers

·  Pliers

·  A hammer

·  A power drill

·  A wrench

·  A putty and utility knife

·  A tape measurer

You can try a traditional toolbox to keep your supplies together. That said, you may find that a lined bucket works better for accessibility. Either way, you need to store your tools in an orderly and convenient manner. Keep them in your kitchen, basement or garage so they stay in a central location.

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4. Various Hardware

It’s best to have various hardware on hand, too. You never know when you’ll need screws, bolts, nails and other items. An organized bin with separate sections should work well. Use written or printed labels to clearly mark each slot. You should stow your hardware near your tools. This way, you won’t struggle to find a specific one. A smart plan would be to keep baggies close by so you can transport them securely.

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5. A First-Aid Kit

A top priority should be to fill a bag with first-aid supplies. It’s no secret that you can cut, bruise and otherwise injure yourself when you use tools. Therefore, you need to have access to helpful gear for those moments when you endure a mishap. From bandages to ointments to tweezers, you should compile various items. If you’re a parent, it’s important to tell your oldest kids where you intend to keep your kit.

It may also be wise to jot down phone numbers for your local hospital and veterinarian. In case you or your pets ingest a harmful substance, you want to be ready. You can keep that information on or in your first-aid kit for quick accessibility.

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6. Extension Cords

You may not think you need more than a few extension cords, but it’s better to have several. You never know when you’ll need to use a tool far away from your closest outlet — and you don’t want to unplug five kitchen appliances because that’s your only extension cord. Therefore, you should ensure you have some for inside use and some for outside use. Try a heavy-duty option for outdoor projects, so they don’t easily break in harsh weather.

There are different ways to store extension cords so they don’t become tangled. In general, you’ll want to keep them in a box for organizational purposes.

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Stock Your House With These Essential Tools for Homeowners

Your home won’t be complete without your very own tool selection. These items can help you manage your projects easily and safely. 

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