12 Driveway Design Tips

Rose Morrison

Feb 22, 2023

a long brickdriveway approaching the front of a large home. trees frame the driveway

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Many people see their driveway as just a functional space. While you want it to be practical, consider adding some style with a unique layout. This can increase curb appeal and improve the value of your home. Here are twelve driveway design tips.

1. Use Brick 

Brick creates a charming and classic look. A wide, circular brick driveway dates back to old times. It is also easier to clean and keep weed-free. You’ll just need to spray herbicides or lay landscape fabric below the bricks. The material is also durable and eco-friendly. Use thick paving stones, especially if you have larger vehicles. 

2. Add Tar or Wooden Chips

These materials create a unique driveway layout. Plus, they complement brick interiors nicely. You can also add pavers on the outside to create a border. Using tar and chips is also cheaper than asphalt. The materials might even be safer since the rough surface provides better traction. In addition, they’re easy to maintain. You may just need to replace displaced chips. 

3. Install a Stone Border

If you have a long driveway, stone can create more dimension. It can complement a brick exterior by outlining the driveway in a lighter stone. Also, the material can make your driveway pop and enhance curb appeal. Stone also has better drainage and is cheaper. A stone driveway costs about $1 to $4 per square foot. Gravel entryways are common for homeowners due to their aesthetic appeal. Cobblestones can also provide a charming vibe. 

4. Consider Exposed Aggregate

Concrete aggregate is just crushed concrete. It is affordable, easy to install and provides a versatile appearance. Plus, it offers a unique look. Also, using recycled concrete is better for the environment. It prevents the release of greenhouse gas emissions through new production. 

5. Install Permeable Stone Pavers

These can help with drainage, especially in coastal areas. The permeable surface will allow stormwater to flow naturally. It can also prevent the flooding of nearby rivers. The stone can even elevate your exterior. Add grass in-between to create a country-club look. Stone also doesn’t get oil stones like concrete surfaces. 

6. Go Classic With an Asphalt Driveway

Asphalt driveways match most homes’ styles and provide a clean look. They are also cheaper, easy to install and withstand extreme weather conditions. The material is also safer with skid resistance and a smoother surface. The darker material provides high contrast between road signs for better visibility. Add a stone border or green plants for a little extra flair. 

7. Experiment With Stamped Concrete

This material adds some texture to your driveway. The patterns replicate stone for a more elegant appearance. Stamped concrete also comes in various designs and colors. So, you can find the one that matches your siding the best. It is also a budget-friendly option that requires little maintenance. For example, you don’t have to reset loose stones. The average price is about $5-$12 per square foot. 

8. Add a Gate

This can provide a sense of privacy and sophistication. Iron-wrought gates are durable and give a modern edge. You can even develop a personalized design to make the feature stand out. The entrance will impress your neighbors and guests when they drive by. In addition, plant flowers nearby and install brick pavers. Make sure to use standard brick pavers instead of clay bricks which can handle more weight. 

9. Create a Beachy Vibe With Oyster Shells

This is the perfect driveway design material if you live in a coastal town. It can provide a beachy vibe and catch the attention of your neighbors. The material also gets better over time. The more you drive over the shells, the more they spread out, creating a more even surface. They are also better for drainage since water can pass through them and absorb them into the ground.

10. Incorporate Limestone Pavers  

These can provide a transition between your sidewall and pavement. Choose colors that are similar to your siding. Limestone also provides a more modern look. Limestone is also harder and more durable than other surfaces. It has unique binding properties that contribute to its strength as well. The one thing to keep in mind is they may have a higher initial and installation price. 

11. Place a Strip of Greenery in the Middle

A green path in the middle of the driveway can create visual interest. Also, it can provide a calming and welcoming feeling. Consider planting cut-fit sod between the gravel. This can prevent weeds and the extra work of sprinkling seeds. If you’re feeling fancy, you could plant a small garden in the center.

12. Plant a Canopy of Trees

This driveway design idea adds originality and character to your front yard. You can feel like you’re traveling to a whole new world, like within a fairytale. Plus, it can provide shade and protection from the elements. Before planting the trees, ensure you have enough space in your yard. In addition, regularly trim any branches nearby your house. 

How to Enhance Your Driveway Design 

The style of your exterior can impact the overall impression of your home. A well-planned layout can increase your property’s value. So, follow these tips for a creative driveway design.

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