Try These 6 Creative Alternatives to Dressers

Rose Morrison

Sep 25, 2020


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Dressers are fine to keep around, but they can also take up space and appear as just another boring piece of furniture cluttering up the bedroom set. If you have one you’re not particularly fond of, or you’re on the fence about getting one just because your clothes are ballooning out of your closet, you might want to consider a few more creative alternatives to dressers. 

There are so many clothing storage options that enhance the decorative quality of your space. Why not explore them? Whether your style is more vintage or more minimalist chic, there’s something for everyone to find their style.

1. Creative Shelving

A lot of clothing and accessories on shelving in disarray

Wall shelving is a great way to store a few extra items. Go up high, down low or eye level with your creative shelving solutions.You can go for a more cabinetry based option, or some simple floating shelves if you don’t have a lot to store. 

Your shelves can rest above the bed or even atop other furniture to save floor space for your most important furniture or simply to clear up room for movement.

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2. Armoires

A brown wardrobe in a corner of a white room

Armoires are a vintage statement piece for those who love bold, unique decor. If you have a bit of extra space for something intricate that also serves a practical function, an armoire could be the perfect choice. While you can go a bit more sleek and modern, you can also dig up something totally antique. 

It all depends on your style and what would go best with the furniture you already have — but don’t be afraid to think outside the box and try something brand new — or in this case, something old.

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3. Lockers

Flowers on a windowsill with lockers in the background
flowers on a win

If you can find a set of lockers to line the wall, they can store your clothes and serve as a super unique decorative piece. You can paint them a bold color to match the rest of your room, or you can leave them in whatever shade they arrived at your door.

Lockers are also customizable in the sense that you can find whatever size you need. Get a full row to line the walls if need be, or stop at one in the corner if you simply need a place to stack your sweaters. 

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4. Chests and Trunks

A white room with open blinds and a trunk on the floor

When searching for alternatives to dressers another vintage choice that can move just about anywhere is a chest or trunk to stack your belongings. It can remain at the foot of your bed, act as a nightstand or even perch itself in your closet if you have the space. 

Chests and trunks are essentially big, empty boxes made to hold anything you need, which means they work great for sweaters, pants or any clothing that is meant to be folded, not hung.

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5. Clothing Racks

Five jackets and a hat hanging on a black clothing rack

If you love your clothes and want to show them off as a part of your room’s aesthetic, a visible, hanging clothing rack could be the trendy solution you’re looking for. This can serve especially well for statement pieces or simple clothes that match the color scheme that already exists within the decor of your room. Or — of course — you can simply hang whatever you need to store.

You can purchase a premade clothing rack, but you can also make your own if you’re feeling creative. Using piping and hardware that’s present in your own room’s design or finding some at the hardware store can help you create an industrial piece for your room that serves your aesthetic needs as well as the functional ones. 

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6. A Good Old Fashioned Cleanout

A woman holding knitted sweaters

If you’ve genuinely got too many clothes to fit in your closet, and you’re pressed to find other storage solutions, sometimes the best storage is no storage at all. That’s right — time for a closet cleanout. Getting rid of your clothes isn’t always the most fun, but if you know it must be done, the best way to get it done is to start.

Most people have more clothes than they need. Cleaning out your closet can help you narrow down your clothes to a collection you actually wear, so you can enjoy your staple pieces and have less clutter throughout your space.

Creative Alternatives to Dressers

There’s so much more you can do with your clothes than stacking them in a traditional dresser. Whether your goal is to maximize statement style or get creative with your storage solutions, there’s something new and fresh out there, perfect to spice up your room.

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