Buying a House as a Single Woman is the Ultimate Power Move

Rose Morrison

Feb 17, 2021

buying a home as a single person

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Owning a home is a power move in its own right, but buying a house as a single woman is a significant milestone. Why wait for the traditional milestones of marriage and family life — if you even want those things? Becoming a property owner gives you the opportunity to exist in your own space and utilize your assets to elevate your quality of life.

Right now, single women own homes more than ever before. In 2019, single women accounted for roughly 20 percent of home purchases. There are so many benefits to owning a home as a single woman, and realizing the huge milestone for what it is is just the beginning. 

Taking Control of Your Finances

Buying a home is a fantastic long term investment for anyone — single women included. Not only does being a homeowner often return its value, but it saves you money in the long run. Rather than paying rent each month, you’re paying towards something you own.

That money doesn’t leave when you pay your landlord. Instead, it goes towards the investment you made. That investment, combined with the federal tax benefits and other financial perks makes owning a home often worth the while.

Exploring Your Financial Literacy

Buying a home requires a lot of financial know-how. And if you’re buying a house as a single woman, you have to hone that knowledge without any help from a partner or other family you might go in on property with.

Your financial literacy is key in your ability to buy a home. When it comes to saving for your down payment, understanding the process and having a great credit score is crucial to approval. Single women, even if they don’t have a high income, can also pursue federal programs that assist first-time buyers.

Harnessing Your Independence

Whether you’re talking finances or installing heavy shelving, buying and owning a home as a single woman means that you don’t need to rely on anyone but you — and that freedom is amazing.

Not only will your space feel truly and fully yours, but you can utilize the opportunity to learn practical life skills that you’ve never had to know before. No partner, parents or landlord required. 

Gaining Full Aesthetic Freedom

In what has to be one of the most fun parts of owning a home, you have total creative control. Paint your walls, knock down walls, replace the floors or plant a garden. It’s all up to you. 

When you’re renting, big aesthetic changes will at best go to waste when you kiss the place goodbye and at worst cause you to lose your security deposit. But in a home you own, renovations have deep value, both for the quality of the home and in the joy you experience living there. The place is all yours, so why not make it look like a dream?

Getting Down and Dirty

Just like owning a home can make you a better designer, it can also make you a better handywoman. Everything from lawn care to leaky faucets can serve as learning experiences. While calling up the landlord can be nice, there’s a deep sense of satisfaction that comes with breaking out the tool kit and fixing things with your own two hands.

The more you get used to your new home, the better you’ll learn to care for it. Get a tool kit, look up some tutorials and you’ll be ready to fix just about anything.

Throwing a Dinner Party Here and There

Having a space that’s truly your own gives you all kinds of liberties, including entertaining your friends and family. Especially if you move from an apartment or previously had roommates, owning your very own home might seem like a sophisticated adventure.

Maybe your lifestyle doesn’t call for dinner parties — maybe it calls for group playdates, book club meetings or trivia nights. Just like your home, you can make your gatherings tailored to you and your lifestyle. 

Buying a House as a Single Woman

It’s hard to find something more powerful than a single, independent woman totally taking charge of her life. Owning a home and having your own space can help lead you there, all while letting you realize your dream of owning the perfect place for you, no matter what that looks like.

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