6 Best Real Estate Blogs for Aspiring Agents

Evelyn Long

Jul 2, 2024

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Reading is one of the keys to success for real estate agents. However, consuming content from trustworthy sources separates the prolific from the decent. If you want to maximize your limited time and attention, these are the six best real estate blogs to focus on.

1. National Association of REALTORS® (NAR) Blogs

NAR is the nation’s largest trade association, with more than 1.5 million members. Due to its sheer size, its opinions on many topics carry considerable weight. NAR has multiple blogs for various audiences.

As a budding real estate agent, you should bookmark the Young Professionals Network (YPN) Lounge. It’s a dedicated blog for beginners needing concrete advice on every conceivable topic to learn the ropes from seasoned professionals nationwide, ranging from sustainability to customer management systems.

The YPN Lounge publishes editorials penned by renowned contributors, including Matt Clements, a fourth-generation real estate titan and the CEO of The Clements Group, and Jennifer Weinberg, a licensed agent and a partner in Living True Home Group.

Although this NAR blog drops fresh content only a few times monthly, it has more than 1,000 posts dating back to 2009. Reviewing older entries gives you a historical perspective of why the real estate business is as it is and helps you benefit from past wisdom that some contemporary agents may have forgotten.

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Moreover, NAR has a separate blog for those aspiring to earn the Seniors Real Estate Specialist® designation. This resource is a goldmine of information about how to assist homebuyers and sellers aged 50 and above to navigate significant financial and lifestyle transitions.

Regardless of your experience level or niche, frequent NAR’s vast database of blog posts and commentaries regarding various subjects, including blockchain, legal, marketing, property rights, taxes, and even meth labs, to advance your business knowledge.

2. BiggerPockets Blog

If property investors are your target clients, perusing the BiggerPockets Blog should be part of your routine. This rich resource connects both sides of the aisle. It’s a treasure trove of compelling news stories, engaging feature articles and thought-provoking op-ed pieces.

The BiggerPockets in-house team churns out quality content, but contributors of every hue make this blog a vibrant marketplace of ideas. It provides a platform for various professionals, including realtors, commercial real estate fund managers, tax strategists and proptech startup founders.

Exposing yourself to diverse counterparty viewpoints and stakeholder mindsets can broaden your horizons and accelerate your professional growth.

3. Tom Ferry’s Blog

Swanepoel Power 200 considers Tom Ferry as the leading real estate educator. He’s also one of the 2023 and 2024 Inman Power Players. No legitimate list of the best real estate blogs excludes Tom Ferry’s library of insightful nuggets.

Drawing from his more than 35,000 hours of coaching experience and direct interactions with agents and brokers, Tom uses his blog to provide a road map for attaining maximum productivity.

He organizes his posts into 32 categories, helping you find the soundest advice on work-life balance, real estate scriptwriting, lead generation, sales, objection handling, social media management, and more. Plus, Tom shares free downloadable tools and resources to give you a leg up in competing with your peers.

4. Coffee & Contracts (C&C) Blog

The C&C Blog is your one-stop shop for real estate marketing. It exists for one reason — to help real estate agents like you leverage social media to generate leads and free up more time for your clients.

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This blog offers pragmatic content strategy tips for various platforms. This freemium resource will level up your Instagram game by teaching you how to build your credibility and magnetize your ideal clients on the app, decide on hashtags, use highlight covers, circumvent camera shyness when creating clickworthy Reels and be constantly visible when you have nothing to say.

C&C goes beyond IG, too. Company founder Haley Ingram and her army of marketing mentors have no shortage of actionable advice on raising your profile on TikTok, X, YouTube, LinkedIn and Facebook and maximizing complementary tools, such as Buffer, Hootsuite, Sendible, SocialBee and Sprout Social.

Unlike many of the best real estate blogs, C&C uses infinite scrolling — no need to hop onto another page to view more posts. It’s easy on the eye — captivating visuals, a cool color palette, a neat layout and abundant whitespace.

5. ActiveRain Blogs

ActiveRain is the real estate sector’s largest social network with more than 300,000 active members, including fellow agents, managing brokers, lenders, inspectors, home stagers, branding gurus, marketing coaches and proptech Vice Presidents. It has bragging rights for being the deepest repository of real estate knowledge for hosting more than 4 million blog posts — and counting.

At ActiveRain, every member space is a blog. As a guest, you can freely browse the site and search with keywords. You can also use filters to customize your feed and see pieces by topic, type, recency and popularity based on likes or comments.

As a registered user, you can follow your favorite bloggers and populate your feed with their posts. Joining allows you to establish your online presence, share your best practices and give your bold takes on hot-button issues — vital ingredients to project yourself as an inspiring thought leader and boost your marketing for lead generation.

6. Geek Estate Blog

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Originally founded by Zillow through one of its former marketing team members Drew Meyers in 2007, Geek Estate Blog demystifies technological innovations in real estate. Meyers parted ways with its former employer in 2010 and gained ownership of the blog the following year.

More than 15 years later, Geek Estate Blog stays true to form. It tackles pressing issues plaguing the real estate sector for a tech-savvy audience. Its in-house writers and guest authors-slash-tech executives report news stories, break through the hype of emerging solutions, review products, investigate proptech startup case studies, debunk myths and curate tips on various activities.

Despite undergoing various redesigns over the years, Geek Estate Blog isn’t as sleek as contemporary sites. Still, its substance remains solid. Consuming its posts in the Agents and Brokers section helps you stay current with real estate’s most disruptive technologies and wrap your head around their use cases to develop a forward-thinking mindset.

Read the Best Real Estate Blogs to Grow Professionally

The real estate blogosphere is an underrated free resource for aspirant agents. Audio and video may be more convenient mediums. Still, nothing beats the written word regarding unpacking ideas. While bloggers have agendas, those who appear on this list’s entries offer tremendous value and can mentor you throughout your professional journey.

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