Bridgerton Aesthetic: Lending Your Home Regency Elegance

Rose Morrison

Feb 3, 2024

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Bridgerton’s aesthetic decor is inspired by the Regency era, emphasizing pastel colors, ornate furniture and a romantic feel, mirroring the elegant style in the Bridgerton series. 

“Bridgerton” became a hit on Netflix and its’ Regency-era style influenced interior design trends. People are now embracing the show’s wealthy and romantic aesthetics, leading to the resurgence of interest in classic and elegant home decor worldwide.

Understanding the Bridgerton Aesthetic

In Bridgerton-inspired decor, the color palette is key to creating a sophisticated and visually captivating atmosphere. Soft pastels, such as bluish-pink and mint green, dominate to evoke a sense of timeless elegance and romance. 

These delicate hues are often paired with rich jewel tones, including deep emerald greens and regal sapphire blues, infusing the space with a luxurious and vibrant feel. Metallic accents play a significant role in adding a touch of glamor and luxury. 

Gold and silver elements, whether in furniture details, decor pieces or fixtures, contribute to the overall aesthetic by providing a sense of refinement and enhancing the visual appeal. 

The Regency Era

Regencycore is a decor style inspired by the Regency era, which lasted from 1811 to 1820 in Britain. This aesthetic draws on the design elements popular during that time, characterized by classical elegance, refined details and a sense of luxury. 

In Regencycore decor, you might find elements like neoclassical furniture, ornate patterns, pastel color palettes and luxurious materials. It’s a style that reflects the sophistication and romance of the Regency period.

Tips on Incorporating Wallpaper 

In creating Bridgerton-inspired decor, wallpaper plays a crucial role. When incorporating wallpaper to achieve a Bridgerton aesthetic: 

  1. Traditional prints: Opt for wallpapers with classic and traditional prints, such as florals, damask or toile patterns. These designs align well with the timeless and romantic atmosphere associated with the Bridgerton aesthetic.
  2. Regency-era aesthetic: Choose wallpapers that reflect the Regency-era style. Look for patterns and motifs reminiscent of that period, featuring intricate detailing and designs that capture the elegance and charm of the Bridgerton series.

Furniture and Accessories for a Bridgerton Ambiance

Bridgerton-inspired furniture embraces elegance with ornate detailing. Look for pieces that feature intricate carvings, molding and embellishments to evoke a sense of refined luxury. 

Furniture with gracefully curved lines and intricate details reflects the romantic and whimsical nature of the Bridgerton aesthetic. Upholstery is pivotal in creating an expensive-looking atmosphere—making your furniture look like a million bucks. 

Choose luxurious fabrics like velvet and silk for sofas, chairs or drapery to enhance the tactile and visual appeal of the space. Upholstery in rich, jewel-toned colors or delicate pastels aligns with the Bridgerton color palette. 

Examples of Furniture Pieces to Include

  • Chaise lounge with rolled arms and tufted details: A chaise lounge featuring rolled arms and tufted upholstery adds a touch of classical elegance, providing a comfortable and stylish seating option.

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  • Canopy bed with sheer drapes: A canopy bed with sheer drapes creates a dreamy and romantic focal point in the bedroom, capturing the Regency-era charm seen in Bridgerton. 

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  • Gilded mirrors and ornate console tables: Incorporate gilded mirrors with intricate frames and ornate console tables. These pieces reflect the luxury of the Bridgerton style while serving as statement accents in various rooms.

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  • Teacups and tea sets: In Bridgerton, tea time is a big deal where they catch up on the latest “tea” about the ton. Add beautiful teacups and sets to your space. Place them on fancy trays or ornate tables for a cozy tea corner. Savor your favorite blend and transport yourself into the world of Bridgerton.

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Lighting and Accessories

Lighting is key to capturing the Bridgerton mood, blending grandeur and intimacy reminiscent of the Regency era. By carefully selecting lighting fixtures and accessories, you can illuminate your space in a way that transports it into the refined and romantic world of Bridgerton.

Choose grand chandeliers with intricate details for opulence. Include candelabras to evoke the grand ballroom feel.

Use candle sconces and table lamps to add an intimate and romantic touch. These softer lights create warmth reminiscent of the series’ tender moments.  

Examples of Lighting You Can Use

  • Elaborate chandeliers: Choose chandeliers that become focal points in your dining or entry areas. Look for ornate designs with crystal accents to capture the regal charm seen in the grand homes of Bridgerton.

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  • Candle sconces: Enhance the atmosphere with candle sconces on walls. Their soft, flickering light complements the main fixtures and enhances the overall romantic feel.

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  • Table lamps with fabric shades: Introduce table lamps with fabric shades to living spaces or bedrooms. The diffused light they cast creates a cozy and elegant ambiance, perfectly aligning with the refined aesthetics of Bridgerton.

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Regency-Inspired Accessories 

Complete your Bridgerton aesthetic with carefully chosen accessories in that era. Hang classical portraits in gilded frames for a touch of refined artistry, echoing the timeless beauty of the Regency period.

Add luxury and comfort with fringed throw pillows and tassels, enhancing the opulent theme in seating areas. Elevate the decor with statement mirrors and ornate drapery tiebacks, introducing Regency-inspired elegance to walls and window treatments. 

Ensure lighting and accessories blend seamlessly with the Bridgerton style, creating a cohesive and enchanting atmosphere. Opt for lighting and accessories with a vintage touch to enhance authenticity, capturing the charm of bygone eras in your Bridgerton aesthetic.

Fabrics and Textiles

Focusing on luxurious textiles can help you effortlessly bring the elegance of the Regency era into your home. Select sumptuous fabrics like silk, velvet and brocade to bring a touch of luxury to your space.

Make drapery, curtains and upholstery stand out with intricate patterns and textures. Create drama with floor-to-ceiling curtains featuring heavy draping, adding grandeur to your space. Introduce plush rugs and tapestries to enhance warmth and texture.      

The Bridgerton Aesthetic

Achieving the Bridgerton aesthetic involves bringing the Regency era into your space. Pay attention to lighting, textiles and tea-time elegance to effortlessly capture the allure of Bridgerton and transform your home into a haven of regency elegance. 

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