6 Best Places to Buy a Mattress Online

Evelyn Long

Mar 4, 2022


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The internet can be a pretty magical place. These days, we’re able to buy everything from groceries to electronics to clothes in mere seconds. But did you know you could have a mattress delivered to your front door, too? Believe it or not, there are some really nice places to buy a mattress online.

It’s a relatively new phenomenon — and you might even feel a bit apprehensive about ordering your bed rather than head to a mattress store. However, you might sleep sounder than ever before. Here a few of the best places to buy a mattress online.

1. Casper

There’s a significant chance you’ve seen an ad for Casper. The brand offers four different beds, which feature separate comfort levels in various sizes. But Casper’s Original mattress continues to be their most popular, with over 20,000 reviews. 

This bed features foam, so you can expect a soft and cozy sensation when you lie down. It’s a material that makes some sleepers feel too hot, though Casper’s updated Original mattress has cooling technology that may help you rest better. There’s also a removable bed cover that prevents stains.

Casper provides customers with 100 days to test their new mattresses. If you want to make a return, you can do so for free — and Casper will donate your bed to a charitable organization. Plus, you get a 10-year warranty when you decide to keep your mattress.

2. Puffy Mattress

What position do you fall asleep in most often? Whether you’re a side, back or stomach sleeper, Puffy Mattress’s foam bed offers support for everyone. The mattress has a mid-range firmness level, so anyone who doesn’t want their bed to feel too soft or firm will benefit.

If you want a cooler sleep during summer and a warmer sleep during winter, you’ll enjoy Puffy Mattress’s ClimateComfort temperature technology. There’s a 101-day trial where you can determine whether you like your new bed. Those who need their mattresses sooner rather than later will love Puffy Mattress’s fast shipping.

3. Avocado

Does your new mattress need to be eco-friendly? If so, you might want to consider Avocado. The business sells sustainable mattresses with non-toxic, organic materials, including recycled steel coils and tree sap latex, to name a few. Avocado’s beds are slightly firmer — and they can be a bit taller than other mattresses at 13 inches high.

Those who need a cooler surface will love Avocado’s moisture-wicking technology. The beds are naturally anti-microbial, so you can expect fewer allergic reactions, as well. There’s a 100-day test period. If you decide to keep your bed, you can enjoy a 25-year warranty.

4. Tuft & Needle

Tuft & Needle has three mattresses that differ in firmness, either made from foam or foam and innerspring. The beds offer significant spinal support for back sleepers, so you shouldn’t feel any pain when you wake up. Their Original bed has gel and graphite technology that helps sleepers who run hot feel more comfortable.

Like Casper, you’ll receive a 100-day free trial after your purchase, and you have a 10-year warranty when you decide to keep your new bed. These beds are more affordable than other options, as well. If you’re after a cheaper choice for your next mattress, you can’t go wrong with Tuft & Needle’s selection.

5. Saatva

The best place to buy a mattress online might be Saatva. Saatva’s soft, firm and luxury firm mattresses offer a hotel-like experience. The beds include organic cotton pillow tops, which sit above foam and coil layers to give sleepers a dreamy rest. If you need back and hip support, you’ll enjoy how sturdy Saatva’s beds feel.

Each mattress includes natural materials, so your purchase helps your health, too. Plus, you can still enjoy a few standard services that brick-and-mortar stores provide, like mattress removal. There’s a 180-night trial run for customers, as well.

6. Molecule

Here’s a terrific pick for anyone who loves to sink into their mattress when they fall asleep. Molecule offers two bed styles, each with similar thickness levels — though their Molecule 2 has added foam. The company caters to anyone who wants to prioritize wellness.

These softer mattresses come with a proprietary gel that helps cool down sleepers who tend to run hot. If you prefer to sleep on your back, you’ll love Molecule’s beds. The return process lasts 100 days, but you have to wait at least 30 days so that you can truly test everything. Then, you must send your mattress to a charitable organization and mail Molecule a receipt to receive a refund.

Try These Best Places to Buy a Mattress Online for Your Next Bed

Are you ready to purchase a new mattress? If so, you might feel a bit overwhelmed by your options. Luckily, you can conveniently buy a bed online from various stores. The best place to buy a mattress can differ for each person, but these choices can make your search much easier — and before long, you’ll be back to sleeping like a baby.

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