16 Best Bar Stools For 2022

Rose Morrison

Jan 24, 2022


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Whether you’re in the process of redecorating your entire kitchen or you just want to add a little bit of spark to your island or breakfast nook, there are so many fun barstools that you can take a look at to add a little bit of spice this year. Whether you want to mix and match, find a set that works for you or simply shop around to get inspiration, 2022 has plenty of design prowess to offer. If you’re itching to get started on next year’s renovations and re-decorations, here are some of the best bar stools that you’ll find in 2022.

1. Modern Counter Stool

Starting off with an interesting and sleek design that still captures the warmth of natural materials, this bar stool offers a curvy shape and an interesting design, perfect for the minimalist or the mid century modern lover alike!

$279 from Rove Concepts

2. ANCO Bar Stool

Yet another bar stool that offers a bit of sleek minimalism, this all black affair is a great base note for any kitchen in need of a darker neutral. Only is it simple and sturdy, but it’s also extremely versatile in terms of design.

$129 from Article

3. Punch Bar Stool

Another simplistic, modern design, this bar stool it’s a great choice for all kinds of kitchens. Not only is it stylish and affordable, but it also comes in a variety of colors so that you can mix and match in order to find the best choice for your kitchen.

$156 from Industry West

4. Urban Industrial Armless Bar Stool

If you want some thing that screams mid century modern, this barstool might be the one for you. With the variety of seat colors and the basic black legs, this affordable gem could be the perfect choice. Plus, it comes in a set of two, so you get more bang for your buck.

$208 from Amazon

5. Sharman Bar Stool Set

Moving right along to another set of two, this basic counter stool it’s a great choice for those who would rather go backless. Having a full seat is definitely not for everybody, especially if you are operating on limited space. This can work for a variety of styles, so it might be one worth checking out.

$96 on Wayfair

6. Wire Frame Bar Stools

Going up a tiny bit in both price point and quality, these wire framed barstools with comfortable seats in a variety of fabric colors are definitely worth the look. Not only are they extremely comfortable, but they are also a statement piece that can bring a lot of depth into any space.

$299 from West Elm

7. Cobb Bar Stool

This barstool is about a standard as it gets, and sometimes that’s exactly what you need. The stool is backless, round and gets the job done exactly how you need it to. Available with an oak seat or completely metal, this barstool is the best for getting the job done and blending in anywhere.

$124 from Rejuvenation

8. Dakota Adjustable Bar Stool Set

With yet another set in the equation, these backless stools are adjustable, stylish and simple. Although they definitely have a bit of comfort and style, these barstools can definitely work in a variety of environments, which makes them a great asset no matter your style. Take these stools completely modern, or include them in a more rustic kitchen — it’s truly all up to you.

$349 from Urban Outfitters

9. Neuhaus Swivel Bar Stool 

This barstool is a great addition to any space, both based on style and comfort. Not only does this stool have a comfortable seat and a low back, but it also swivels for the versatile experience of facing wherever in the kitchen. Coming in a variety of colors, this bar stool is a great option for so many different styles and kitchens. 

$310 from Wayfair

10. Colin Upholstered Bar Stool

This bar stool definitely screams comfort, which might be perfect for you and your space. Available in both brown and white, this comfortable, sturdy barstool is a bargain for its price. Not only does it offer the ease of its upholstered cushion, but it also can blend seamlessly into a variety of styles, especially mid century modern and vintage kitchens. Even if your kitchen isn’t vintage, you can still add a little bit of flair with these. 

$137 from All Modern

11. Yellow Upholstered Counter Stool Set

If all you want in your kitchen is a little pop of color, look no further than this affordable, comfortable set of barstools. The yellow might seem like a bit much to some, but for others, it’s exactly what they’re looking for. Whether your kitchen is a rainbow already or do you want to add a little pop to an otherwise neutral space, these bar stools can give you exactly what you need.

$218 from Home Depot

12. Vaughnsville Bar and Counter Stool

This barstool is simple, and creative at the same time. With its sleek round appearance and it’s simple design, you might look at it like any other barstool that blends into the background. However, the wooden accent that also functions as a foot rest is a fantastic, unique addition that you might not be able to find anywhere else. Whether you have a modern kitchen or something with a bit of vintage flair, these bar stools can definitely work in your space.

$149 from Wayfair

13. Adjustable Matte Black Bar Stool

This matte black bar stool with wooden accents is exactly what you need if you are looking to build a neutral, stylish kitchen with plenty of deep base notes. Adjustable, affordable and stylish, you basically can’t go wrong with a bar stool like this. Plus, if you’re looking for something a bit darker, this can be a great option to bring some balance.

$143 from Overstock

14. Green Lola Bar Stool

Another little pop of color, this monochromatic Pistachio green number is a great choice for a variety of kitchens looking out for a little bit of pop. Not only does this one, and green, but you can also find it in a variety of other colors such as pink and yellow. If you want something both fun and modern — not to mention affordable — this could be the perfect choice for you.

$109 from Poly and Bark

15. Saddle Seat Kitchen Bar Stool Set

Yet another set with simplistic, backless charm, the saddle seats come in three different colors, making them versatile and great for almost any kitchen. Especially if you want to stay low on the budget, these are the basic seats that you should keep an eye on.

$99 from Amazon

16. Breakfast Bar Stool Set

These stylish round bar stools also come in a set, which is great for the budget when it comes to these already affordable stools! These are both adjustable and have backing for a bit of extra support, which is a great choice for a breakfast nook, kitchen island or any other space you feel like revamping!

$99 from Amazon

Best Bar Stools of 2022

No matter what you’re planning to do with your place this year, there are so many options to explore. You might be revamping your entire space, adding a pop of color or simply seeing what options are out there for your kitchen, you can decorate however you see fit to make the very most of your space. From colorful and sleek choices to the stools that simply get the job done, there are so many ways that you can go.

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