Address Change Checklist: 10 Places to Notify When You Move

Evelyn Long

Feb 18, 2023


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Whether you’re moving across the country or a few blocks away from your current place, you’ll be needing an address change. 

Of course, family and friends will be eager to know where you’re living so they can visit and send housewarming gifts your way. However, it’s essential to keep others informed about your new accommodations, as well.

Here are 10 people and places you’ll need to add to your address change checklist when you move. 

1. Insurance Policies

Imagine moving into a new house during a severe thunderstorm only to find your basement has succumbed to the elements. 

Before you move, call your homeowners or renters insurance policy to begin coverage as soon as you show up with the moving van. Homeowners insurance protects your home from natural disasters, although some policies require you purchase an additional plan to cover floods or earthquake damage.  

Remember to also acquire separate insurance for property damage that occurs during the move since homeowners insurance won’t compensate for personal items that get broken or lost. 

In addition to homeowners insurance, you’ll want to notify your car insurance, life insurance and medical insurance policies. For example, by failing to update your address within 30 days, an auto insurance company may deny your claims or even accuse you of insurance fraud. 

2. IRS

You can update your address with the IRS in several ways, including over the phone, by filling out and mailing Form 8822, submitting a written statement or when you file for your next tax return. 

Most likely, you’ll need to provide the following information:

  • First and last name
  • Old address
  • New address
  • Date of birth
  • Social Security Number

Changing your address with the IRS ensures you receive critical communications from the government, including your tax return. It would also help to link your tax return to your bank account electronically so the IRS can wire you refunds instantly. 

3. Post Office

The most straightforward item on your address change checklist is filling out a change-of-address form online with the United States Postal Service (USPS). You can also go to your local USPS store and fill out the form in person.

Updating your residence with the USPS is the only way for them to know where to forward your mail. The USPS will continue delivering any mail addressed to your old home to your new address six months to a year after submitting the form. 

4. Your Employer

If you’re moving for a job opportunity, your new employer will need to have your correct address on file. However, it’s also essential to update your previous employer about any changes. 

Your previous employer may need to send necessary tax information, your final paycheck and other documents to you after leaving the company. 

Likewise, if you intend to stay in your current position, human resources will need your updated information to notify State Agencies. HR maintains your address for health benefits, retirement accounts and payroll.

5. Financial Institutions

According to the Insurance Information Institute (III), credit card fraud accounted for 29.2% of identity theft reports in 2021.

As soon as you move, reach out to any financial institutions you use and correct your address to prevent identity theft and potential leaking of sensitive information. Update your mailing address with the following firms:

  • Banks
  • Credit card companies
  • Investment firms
  • Lenders
  • Tax preparatory services

Often, you’ll be able to edit your details quickly and efficiently when you log into your accounts online through a secured network. 

6. Social Security and Other Benefits

To continue receiving Social Security benefits from the government, correct your contact information immediately. 

The Social Security Administration (SSA) makes it easy to submit your new address by logging into your account. You may also schedule the update to go into effect on a specific day before submitting the online form.

Payments through the SSA may include retirement, Medicare, disability and survivor benefits or Supplemental Security Income (SSI).

Make sure you add your new address regardless of whether or not you receive direct deposits. The SSA will intercept future payments if you’re unreachable through regular mail.

7. Utilities and Other Services

Call your new utility companies a month before your move to schedule turning on your water and electricity. Your utilities may include:

  • Water
  • Electricity
  • Waste removal and recycling
  • Home security
  • Sewage
  • Gas

You might be able to transfer your utility services if you’re moving across town by simply calling your utility providers or logging into your account. However, those who move to a different city or state will have to cancel their current services and open new accounts with their new local utility providers.

Additionally, you’ll have to transfer your cable and internet. In many cases, someone will need to come to the house to assemble your cable or internet boxes, so schedule an appointment two or three weeks in advance. 

8. DMV

Depending on the state you’re moving to, you may have 30 to 60 days to update your address, driver’s license and registration at the Department of Motor Vehicles (DMV). 

For greater convenience, you can also update your voter registration information and passport while you’re there.

Your state’s DMV website will allow you to book an appointment online and provide resources regarding the documents you’ll need to bring with you.

9. Subscription Services

Like regular mail, you’ll want to update your address with your subscription services to ensure your packages and magazines get delivered to your new home. This step is even more critical if you subscribe to food delivery services.

You should be able to fill out a change-of-address form by logging into your Amazon, subscription box, streaming service or magazine and newspaper accounts online. Emailing or calling customer service are also options.  

10. Medical Providers

Your medical providers will require your new address to send you appointments and scheduling reminders and verify your information is correct before filing health insurance claims. 

Doctors also need your updated address for maintaining electronic medical records. For example, patient software uses your address as an identifier to match and link data — labs, test results, notes, diagnoses and other details.

Remember also to contact specialists you meet with only on occasion and your pet’s veterinary office.

An Address Change Checklist Makes Moving Easier

Creating an address change checklist makes it easier for you to remember who to update about your new location — after all, essential people and places have to know how to reach you. With so much happening throughout the moving process, keeping things simple with a list is most helpful for getting things done.

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