How Much Does Home Staging Cost?

Rose Morrison

Feb 14, 2024

how much does home staging cost

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If you’re selling a home, you might wonder how much does home staging cost and is it worth the expense. Work with your real estate professional to determine how much more you might earn on a well-staged home versus one that’s unstaged. In most cases, home owners see a significant return on their efforts. reports staged homes sell 88% faster than nonstaged ones. If you’re looking for a quick flip or need your property to move so you can relocate, the expense of staging is minimal. Things that impact the effectiveness and costs of home staging, include: 

1. Square Footage

The size of your home dictates how much staging companies charge to complete the project. A 3,000 square foot home is going to run more than a 1,200 square foot one. 

However, the return on your investment is typically greater with a larger home, too, so the additional costs might not concern you much. 

2. Whether Furniture Is Bought or Rented

If you already have furniture in your home, the staging company can utilize it to create a style with accessories and smaller pieces, reducing your overall costs. You might also include furniture in a listing for an apartment or condominium. If buying the furniture outright, your costs will rise significantly for staging your home. 

Staging costs can run from $782 to $2,841 not including the cost of renting furniture for vacant dwellings. 

3. Scope of Staging

You can reduce your costs by only staging key areas. For example, you might choose to stage the entry to your home for more curb appeal and then the main living areas, but leave the bedrooms empty or with your own furnishings.

Home owners can accomplish a lot on their own by removing clutter and placing personal items in storage. While the look won’t be quite as professional, most house shoppers will understand they can bring their own items and make the space their own. 

Whether you’re living in the home while trying to sell it also impacts the overall experience. It’s easier to stage and show a blank canvas but it also may cost quite a bit more.

4. Length of Staging

How long it takes a home to sell can impact costs, too. Since you’ll pay for rentals monthly, the longer it takes a house to sell, the more you’ll pay in fees. For example, if you rent furniture at $2,000 per month and it takes your house six months to sell, you’re looking at $12,000 in rental fees alone. 

If selling in a market where homes are moving slowly, look at outfitting at least some rooms with thrift store furniture to save money. You can find many mid-century modern pieces, which give the house a clean, uncluttered feel. 

5. Experience of Staging Company

When it comes to staging, you often get what you pay for. A more experienced staging company may charge a premium price but help your home sell faster. A newbie to the field may charge you very little but make mistakes along the way.

If you’re selling in a market where homes are flipping rapidly, it might be worth giving a new stager a try. Your home will likely sell regardless and you’ll know if you want to work with the person in the future. 

If you are in a financial crunch or homes are staying on the market longer, go with the experienced company with a proven track record for the best results. 

6. Supply and Demand

Another thing that can impact the cost of staging your home is how hot the real estate market is. Staging is like any other industry and supply and demand does have an impact on the rates. If a staging company has full bookings, they may charge a bit more to slot you in. If their books are empty, they’re more likely to cut you a deal. 

The U.S. furniture industry has an annual revenue of $252.70 billion, with expected 3.98% annual growth through 2028. The cost of furniture is fairly flat at the moment but that could change with other rising costs. If it costs more to buy or rent, the cost of staging goes up. 

Supply and demand could change the rates if the call for furnishings and accessories reduces. While sellers shouldn’t stress over cost factors they can’t control, it’s crucial to be aware prices can change. 

7. Add Ons

How much does home staging cost when you add on extras? Staging companies might offer additional services, such as painting problem areas, taking photographs for listings or sharing the home with their list of clients. How many things you add on can impact your overall costs. 

Ideally, your real estate professional is adept at taking snapshots and sharing them with any listings. However, if they are not and you want to attract more potential buyers, it might be worth the added fee to have the staging company take some gorgeous images of your location. 

You might also need to store items while showing your house or pay for professional carpet cleaning. A home stage professional will go over all your options and should know the best prices and options in your area. 

8. Yard Services

Curb appeal is a key factor in the impression your home has on buyers. Many people drive by before scheduling a showing to see what the neighborhood looks like and if they care for the home. 

Paying a bit to stage your yard may help your house sell faster. Talk to a professional landscape company about trimming shrubs, planting some colorful flowers and adding some elements that draw people into the home’s entrance.

How Much Does Home Staging Cost?

You won’t find a set number for how much home staging costs. The rates vary by area, how many pieces the company needs to rent or place and your additional costs for things such as landscaping. Talk to real estate agents in your area to find out if the price brings enough benefits to be worthwhile for your situation. Knowing your home likely sells faster may be the added impetus you need to hire a home staging company today. 

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