5 Websites to Look for Your Next Apartment

Rose Morrison

Oct 25, 2022


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Looking for a new apartment can be an overwhelming process, especially if you need to find a place quickly or can’t visit the city you need to move to. Here are five websites to look for your next apartment.

1. Apartments.com

If you’ve turned on your television lately, you’ve likely seen advertisements for Apartments.com, claiming to be the “best place to find a place” For some people, it likely is. 

One of the most significant benefits of the website is that it allows you to plan your commute from each potential apartment, so you know ahead of time how you’ll navigate the areas. It also has a combined map/listing interface where you can learn about the apartment while seeing its location in the city or town you’re exploring. 

Another helpful feature is the ability to draw your perimeter to only see apartments within a certain distance of work, school or family. 

This site is one of the best for bilingual searchers, offering a separate version completely in Spanish. 

2. Zillow

A popular option for those looking to purchase homes, Zillow is also a great resource for anyone looking to rent an apartment. The site is a good tool to find smaller, residential locations that may be overshadowed by complexes on other websites. 

It has the option to expand and zoom in to see more or fewer apartments on a map. It also gives you the option to sort by move-in date, year built and different amenities. 

You can also sort through the rental pages for apartments only or rental homes and townhouses. 

This site is an excellent resource for searchers looking to evaluate all of their living options.

3. ForRent.com

ForRent is great for finding the small details about different apartments in a chosen area. 

Using their features, you can get details about nearby businesses as well as photos, videos and virtual tours of the unit you’re looking to explore. 

The website also has a built-in calculator that allows you to determine how much you can afford to pay monthly for rent. 

ForRent also has a Spanish translation built into the page. 

4. Google

While many landlords advertise on rental websites, that isn’t always the case. Some are niche options that prefer to do most of their advertising locally. 

This is where Google comes into play. In the most popular search engine, you can enter keywords about the type of apartment you want and where you are looking. 

The engine can provide you with websites for specific apartments websites where you can view images and get contact information. 

Google is also a good place to find reviews from former renters. 

5. Zumper

Zumper is a website for people who want to be thorough but not overwhelmed by options. 

When you pull up the website, it first asks you what city you’d like to live in. It then lets you decide whether or not you need a short-term or long-term lease. You can then enter your preferred bedrooms and bathrooms as well as your budget. 

It asks you these questions one at a time so you can focus on each aspect of the rental process. 

Once you’ve completed the questions, it will provide you with a list of apartments that meet your criteria along with the map to show you how their location compares. 

Looking for Your Next Apartment 

Finding your next apartment can be a stressful process, but the internet is able to help. By using the right resources, you can find the next perfect home for you, which is why we recommended websites to look for your next apartment. Happy apartment hunting!

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