U.S. Cities with the Best Weather

Rose Morrison

Jul 28, 2022


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Weather varies significantly throughout the United States. From freezing to hot and humid, you can find several cities that live with extreme weather. If you’re looking for mild weather year-round, you have options from the East Coast to West Coast. Here are eight U.S. cities with the best weather.

San Juan, Puerto Rico

San Juan may be the perfect option for you if you’re looking for a warm destination away from the U.S. mainland. 

Puerto Rico’s capital has gorgeous warm weather year-round, averaging 66 days above 90 degrees Fahrenheit and no days below freezing. Most of the year, you’ll see clear or partly-cloudy skies, perfect for getting outside and enjoying the beaches. 

The main weather issue you may find is that its Caribbean location makes it more prone to hurricanes, so it’s good to find a home with precautions in place. 

If you’re willing to join the over two million people calling San Juan home, you will have many warm weather days. 


Another city with the best weather happens to bean island paradise: Honolulu, Hawaii. With zero days below freezing and an average of 21 days above 90 degrees

Hawaii’s capital, the city, is home to over 18 million people and there’s tons to do. You can enjoy being outside often, with nearly 280 clear or partly cloudy days. 

Los Angeles

One of the warmest and busiest cities in the country is Los Angeles, California. 

As long as you can stand the traffic, you’ll never run out of things to do in Los Angeles and you’ll be doing it all in clear or partly cloudy skies. Los Angeles could be your city with no freezing temperatures and around 20 days over 90 days.

San Diego

San Diego is known for its mild temperatures and is a haven for over three million people. With zero days below freezing and only around three days over 90 degrees, you can enjoy the opportunity to explore the 70 miles of beaches in the city.

With only around 100 cloudy days and fewer crowds than Los Angeles, San Diego could be your right fit. 

San Francisco

With fog in the morning and sunshine in the afternoon, San Francisco only has around two days above ninety degrees. 

The city has around 260 days that are clear and partly cloudy. You can explore the bay area and enjoy its thriving mix of cultures. 

Oklahoma City

Oklahoma experiences hot and cold temperatures but has a nice balance. With around 70 days above 90 degrees and around the same number with below freezing temperatures. 

If you choose to live in Oklahoma City, you’ll have clear skies around 140 days a year and 235 days where the sun comes out for some time.

If you enjoy a little variety and the flatlands of Oklahoma’s capital, this may be your city. 

Myrtle Beach, South Carolina

Myrtle Beach is a tourist destination, but it can be a great place to live if you’re looking for nice weather. 

With around 40 days each below freezing and over 90 degrees, you can enjoy living in the thriving beach town without extreme temperatures. 

Myrtle Beach could be your east coast haven with an average of 215 days a year of clear or partly cloudy skies. 

Greenville, South Carolina

With mild weather that strays from the heat more than others, Greenville, South Carolina, only has around 40 days reaching over 90 degrees. 

The mountainous city only sees below-freezing temperatures around 60 days a year. It has around 100 partly cloudy days and 100 clear days a year. 

Greenville could be the option for you if you’re looking for a home near the mountains but with mild temperatures. 

Moving to the Nicest Climates

There are various climates in the United States, from freezing to balmy. If you’re looking for a city with the best weather, you have options from sea to sea. 

Living in the best weather helps you get the most out of your city.

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