Pros and Cons of an Open Shower

Olivia Elsher

Oct 20, 2022

Pros and Cons of an Open Shower

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Upgrading your bathroom can make it feel like you’ve moved into a new home. Showers are often the first thing homeowners want to change. Check out the pros and cons of an open shower to see if switching from a traditional tub and shower combo is right for you.

Pro: The Room Appears Bigger

Your bathroom might be smaller than you’d like, but it isn’t always possible to build an add-on or remove a wall. Instead of relying on mirrors to artfully make a room appear larger, install an open shower. You won’t have a wall made of shower curtain material blocking off an entire section of the room.

Con: Installation Takes More Time

Drawing up the plans for your new shower might take an hour or two, but the installation could take a week or longer. It depends on production delays, shipping issues and the extent of your plans. If you’re looking for a quick facelift in your bathroom, you could always replace the hardware or paint color in a single afternoon.

Pro: The Bathroom Feels More Luxurious

Everyone deserves to live in luxury, but that isn’t always financially possible. Open showers provide the same feel without needing a mansion or 5-star resort. You’ll have plenty of space, so you’ll never bump your elbow on the walls or hunch over to fit your head under the showerhead.

Having more space also means you can reinvent your showerhead. Swap your traditional model for a rain-inspired showerhead to add a luxurious spa vibe to your bathroom. Depending on the size, you may not even have to swap your piping for the easy upgrade. 

Con: It May Be Costly

Experts estimate that walk-in showers cost between $3,500-15,000 to install, depending on the size and materials required. Talk with potential contractor teams about negotiating the downpayment or payment plans if you want to install it quickly but don’t have the cash upfront.

Pro: You’ll Remove Tripping Hazards

You may step over your tub wall to access your shower without issue, but that won’t always be the case. If you want to age in place, an open shower reduces the likelihood of injuring yourself while getting in or out of the shower. 

Con: You Might Get Chilly

Shower curtains retain the heat generated from your water supply, but you may not value that until you’ve installed a walk-in. An open shower doesn’t have a curtain or a glass door. Nothing keeps the heat inside, so you may have to stay directly under the showerhead to stay warm while getting clean.

Pro: You’ll Get a Nice ROI

Although the exact return on investment (ROI) will change in each city, real estate experts generally recommend upgrading your bathroom to increase your property value. Sellers just outside of Dallas, Texas, will get 72.7% back for an open shower, but the same research shows that sellers in the heart of Dallas will get a 131.4% return.

It’s safe to bet that you’ll also get most of your investment back when you sell your home. People want a luxury feel in their houses without spending extra time and money on renovations. Completing the project for your future buyers will make them more comfortable managing an increased price.

Consider Adding an Open Shower

Adding an open shower to your home has many advantages as well as disadvantages. Consider all of your options before starting the renovation. It might be the perfect addition to your property if you take your time to decide.

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