4 Most Affordable U.S. Cities 

Evelyn Long

Feb 14, 2023


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Where are the most affordable U.S. cities?

Whether you’re right out of college looking for new opportunities or just need a change in your life, moving to a new area can be an exciting step. Cities can bring lots of developments to your personal life or career. It can be challenging to decide which is the best fit for you. Cities can be known for having higher prices in housing, rent and cost of living. 

Luckily some areas offer lower prices despite their fantastic location. Here are the seven most affordable U.S. cities to live in. 

1. Fort Wayne, IN

Fort Wayne is located in the Midwest and is one of the best places. It has a low cost of living, with it being 14% below the national average. The cost of living will help you get the most out of the money you earn and allow you to indulge in the attractions the city offers, like the Fort Wayne Children’s Zoo or the Foellinger-Freimann Botanical Conservatory. 

2. Huntsville, AL

The median monthly rent is around $681 and the home purchasing price is around $103,100. It is predicted that the job market in this area is on the rise, which could potentially drop their already low unemployment rate. 

Located in the Southeast, Huntsville has ranked the number one best place to live in Alabama. The cost of living is slightly higher than the state’s average, but it tends to balance out in the resident’s monthly rent and home prices. The median monthly rent comes in at $750, and home pricing is around $168,900. 

There are many employment opportunities with big-name companies like Huntsville Hospital and Millennium System Services, a computer maintenance and repair company. 

3. Buffalo, NY

Buffalo is located relatively close to New York City, with the cost of living 50% lower. On top of that, the cost of living comes in at 17% lower than the national average. The medium monthly rent is $710 and housing prices are around $72,600. 

Buffalo is a fantastic affordable spot for millennials since it offers many career and entertainment options. You can enjoy a weekend getaway in Niagara Falls or Toronto or stick around for a Sabres hockey game. University at Buffalo offers growing career opportunities for technology and research, which can provide professional opportunities. 

4. Tampa, FL

If you’re looking for a more affordable place to live that has beautiful beaches and weather, Tampa is your place. Although the cost of living is only 1% below the national average there is no state income tax and decently priced homes. Tampas monthly rent average is $983 and home prices at $172,100. 

Not only is it a budget-friendly option for those who love the beach, but there are also lots of things to do. Locals gather in Downtown Tampa for restaurants, bars, shops, and other activities. Or head to the Tampa Riverwalk to enjoy an open area to exercise.  

Consider Your Options

Before packing up to your city of choice, sit down and think about what area would benefit you best. Would you do better in colder snowy climates with lots of outdoor activities of a warm beachy atmosphere with tons of nightlife? Whichever suits you and your budget will be the best choice. 



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