The Ultimate Kitchen Remodel Checklist

Peter Chambers

Jun 1, 2023


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Kitchen remodeling can be an exciting but lengthy process. There are many decisions to consider before you dive into a dive remodeling. To ensure you stay on track and everything goes smoothly, you should have a game plan for getting from A to B. This article will cover everything you need to go over before you start your renovation. 

A lot goes into a kitchen remodel, such as design and function. You and guests typically spend a lot of tie in the kitchen, so you want it to look just as well as it functions. 

Here is the ultimate kitchen remodel checklist. 

1. Define Your Budget

Think about how much you want to spend on new appliances and space. Make decisions about where you want to spend more money and what is most important during your renovation. Remember tiny details too, like knobs for new drawers and set some wiggle room for if there is anything that turns out to be more expensive than expected. Average renovation costs are anywhere from $12,567-$34,962 and can vary depending on the size and amount of renovations. 

2. Brainstorm Ideas

You won’t want to go into your remodeling process with no ideas. Think about how you want your kitchen to look like what styles and colors you have in mind. Having inspiration will make your process more manageable and it will feel rewarding when the outcome is done. 

Try creating a Pinterest board with types of kitchen styles you like while considering what your existing kitchen looks like. You may not need to remodel but just enhance the space completely. Consider small additions too, like outlets that would make things more convenient or more storage. Prioritize your needs when coming up with inspiration and focus on them over the things that would be nice to have. 

3. Hire a Contractor 

If you plan to hire a contractor, do your research and find a professional with a record of good work. Ask friends and family for recommendations and look online at reviews. You can explore a couple of options before you make a final decision. A good contractor will be patient and ensure you stay on track so all the work is done how you like it. 

4. Prep for Work

After permits are in place you can start demolition and prep for work. This can be removing old cabinets and appliances, ripping up old flooring and painting the walls. You can even prepare by doing a cleaning so the area is not too messy when you start your renovations. Prepping can be anything that helps your process go smoothly. 

Make sure you set up a place to dispose of old materials and protect anything in the area that could be damaged during the process.  

5. Choose Appliances 

After you determine your kitchen style, you can start putting things together. You can start looking into things like types of appliances, from sinks to refrigerators. Certain design choices might be easier to make than others. Appliances, sinks and countertops have much to consider depending on your chosen style.

There are many brands to choose from when looking for appliances. Certain brands may have the look or essentials you need over others. Also, consider if you want it to be stainless steel, glossy, matte, colored, retro or slate. 

Your sink can match the rest of your design choices, so after you decide on refrigerators and ovens, see what fits best with your sink. Consider stainless steel, granite composite and more. You will also need to choose the placement of the sink lip and if you want it to be a single or double bowl. Lastly, the countertop is an important decision you will make with your designer and contractor. Quartz, granite, soapstone and marble are popular choices. You can even get a sample and see how it looks with your style and backsplash. 

6. Create a Timeline

To ensure everything stays on track, come up with a timeline to follow so your project doesn’t drag on longer than you want it to. This is a great step to add to your kitchen remodel checklist. This is a measurable way to see how things are going and you can keep track of the improvements. You can even take pictures to have a fun memory of the changes your kitchen went through. 

Kitchen Style Inspration 

Try to tap into your creative side and think outside of the box. Sometimes it can be challenging to have a vision for your kitchen remodel. Here are some ideas when deciding the style of kitchen you’d like. 

  • Traditional. It has an elegant design that typically has raised panels and molding. The colors tend to be warm and inviting, with natural wood finishes and rich tones. There is typically tile backsplash and decorative lighting. 
  • Farmhouse. It has a rustic charm with modern amenities. There are shelves, farmhouse sinks and natural wood finishes. The color palette is typically cream, beige or gray. 
  • Modern. This look has a sleek and minimalist design. It focuses on clean lines and simplicity. The color palette is neutral, with black, white and gray being popular choices. The appliances of typically high-end and use materials like stainless steel. 

Get Started on Your New Kitchen

Remodeling a kitchen is a fun and lengthy process. There are many things to consider, but it will be worth all the planning when it is all over. Get started on your kitchen remodel checklist today. 

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