5 Ideas to Keep in Mind When Choosing Living Room Curtains

Rose Morrison

Nov 1, 2022

living room curtains pulled to the side of the window

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If you’re redecorating your living room, one thing to consider is your curtains. These window treatments are stylish and functional. 

Different curtains allow for different amounts of light, insulation and aesthetics. Here are five ideas to keep in mind when choosing your living room curtains. 

1. Measure Your Length

Before you start looking for curtains, you need to consider the length you want for your living room windows. 

There are five standard curtain lengths you’ll find in stores: 63 inches, 84 inches, 94 inches, 108 inches and 120 inches. You likely want a curtain that covers the full length of the window without touching the floor. 

A measuring tape is one of the best ways to ensure your curtains hit where you want them to along your wall. You’ll want to measure where your curtains should end below your window and to the top of where your curtain rod is. Keep in mind that some curtains have added length above the curtain rod. 

2. Play with Light

Different curtains have different filtering options, from nearly clear to black-out. Your desired levels of light and privacy will play a factor in how opaque your curtains should be. 

Light-filtering curtains soften natural light while still letting in its glow for your living room. They’re great for eliminating harsh rays of light while still eliminating the need to turn on a lot of light. 

Room darkening curtains allow a small amount of light through but are more opaque, giving you some privacy and darkening. These are great for movie nights where you want the room dark but still navigable. 

In contrast, blackout curtains block all light from entering a room and are commonly used for bedrooms. While they’re not commonly found in living rooms, don’t rule them out. They may be a good option for people who want complete privacy or have guests who sleep in the room. Blackout curtains are also the most insulating of the three. 

3. Consider Your Fabric 

The fabric you choose for your curtains can make a large difference in the aesthetic of your living room. 

Curtains come in a variety of fabrics, including cotton, satin and velvet. You can choose a fabric that matches your living room furniture or choose to use your curtains as a statement piece. 

Imagining different tones and textures in your room ahead of time will help you choose the curtains that best suit your space. Some retailers even have app features that allow you to see the curtains in your room virtually. 

4. Know Your Hardware 

Your curtain rod can make or break the look of your curtains. It’s important to consider the hardware used when hanging your living room curtains. 

There are bronze, gold, silver, black and other colors of curtain rods on the market. They also have different ends from soft, rounded edges to sharper points. 

It’s best practice to hang your curtain rod about four inches above your window. However, you can choose different heights for different looks. 

5. Experiment with Layering 

When you are planning to update your living room curtains, consider layering your curtains. By layering sheers and curtains, you can add elegance to any living room. 

Layering also gives you different lighting options, with outer light-filtering curtains bringing in natural light, while inner room-darkening curtains give the option for less light and greater privacy. 

You can also consider mixing colors and textures for a truly unique look. 

Choosing the Right Living Room Curtains 

There are many different curtain options, and knowing what ideas you like ahead of time is essential to prevent an overwhelming shopping experience. 

Once you have an idea, you can move forward with decorating your perfect living room. 

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