How Much Are Home Inspections And Factors That Affect the Cost

Evelyn Long

Sep 21, 2023

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If you’re buying a home, a home inspection is necessary to protect your investment. Sometimes, homeowners may overlook some minor or hidden concerns about their property, such as decaying wood or termite damage, when putting it up for sale. A home inspection can reveal property issues and ensure you buy the home at the right price, raising the question, “How much are home inspections?”

How Much Are Home Inspections in the U.S.?

The average cost of a home inspection in the U.S. is $341, but the price can increase or decrease based on where you live, the size of the home and other related factors. 

In some states, you can pay as little as $199 or more than $500. The larger the home area, the higher the cost. A home inspection is crucial because, depending on the result, it can lower the sale price or you can back out of the deal if you find the damages too severe.

How Long Does a Home Inspection Take?

If you’ve found a property and are ready to purchase it, inspecting it is your next step before closing the sale. A professional inspector can evaluate the overall condition of the home and give you a report you can use to review whether buying the property is a sound investment. 

A home inspection can help you sidestep buyer’s remorse, making the wrong decision and costly future repairs. It’s a straightforward process. It takes approximately 2 to 3 hours to inspect a home. It can be longer depending on other factors, such as the size and age of the house. After the inspection, it takes 1 to 3 days before you receive the report detailing the summary of the state of the property. 

What Is Included in the Home Inspection?

Each state has varying home inspection standards that inspectors must follow. The American Institute of Inspectors set national minimum parameters. That said, you can expect to see the same format or areas checked on an inspection report, with some factors that may not apply to your state. 

Some things universally included in a basic home inspection are:

  • Structural elements, including the integrity of the foundation, floors, ceilings, walls and any observable systems
  • Grounds, such as the drainage system
  • Safety, including the stairs and fire sprinklers
  • Roof, vents and gutters
  • Condition of the pipes and interior plumbing
  • Electrical system
  • Attic and insulation
  • Basement and garage
  • Built-in appliances

Find out how much are home inspections in your area to get a rough cost estimate. Get quotes and ask your local home inspectors if you want to know about what the price covers and any additional expenses. 

Who Pays for Home Inspection?

The homebuyer pays for the home inspection and the fee for this is excluded from the closing cost. Think of purchasing clothes in a mall — as a buyer, you’re responsible for ensuring the items you’re about to pay for are in good condition. 

Like real estate transactions, the buyer pays for the home inspection to obtain information about the property. The inspection report is more important to you than the seller.

Should You Pay for a Home Inspection for a Brand-New Home?

Even if the property or home has never been used, it remains essential to purchase home inspection. Some builders work under tight deadlines to bring new homes to eager homebuyers. The rush can sometimes lead to inadvertent errors, such as gaps in wood flooring or doorway frames. An inspection report can reveal building flaws.

How Much Are Home Inspections per State?

Home inspectors perform two types of inspections — general and specialized — to suit your needs. As there are varying regulations, the cost also differs. Here are some features driving the price of a home inspection. 

Factors Affecting How Much Home Inspections Are

  • Experience of the inspector: Established home inspectors may charge higher. When choosing, compare quotes to see if there’s an opportunity for negotiation. 
  • The location and size of the home: Properties in larger cities often cover wider square footage, driving the cost slightly higher. 
  • The age of the home: It determines whether you’ll need a specialized or general inspection. General inspection assesses the interior and exterior condition of the property. An inspector may recommend a specialized check if they see signs of a deeper-rooted issue, such as wall cracks indicating structural damage. 
  • Parts of the property you want to be inspected: A specialized inspection will be necessary if you wish to check the home for specific features, like environmental hazards or a flood test for a property near a body of water. It will incur a higher cost.

Average Home Inspection Cost per State

Here’s an overview of the home inspection cost in some ideal states to own a property.


A home inspection in Florida ranges between $325 to $425, but this could still go up if the property is in an area with a high cost of living. If you need a specialized property evaluation, focusing on a particular feature can come at an extra cost. 

A less than 1,000 square feet home costs an average of $242, and costs increase with a larger area.


Inspectors in Illinois charge an average of $300 to $600 for each property. The cost for condos and apartments is at the low end, but a multi-unit home inspection can cost more. 


If you live in California, expect to pay around $350 to $500 per home inspection. You’ll find this a bit costly compared with other states because of the cost of living. Properties in high-end locations also take more time to inspect and thus cost more. 

New York

If you want to know how much are home inspections in New York, the average cost ranges between $200 and $700. You can negotiate the price to bring it down. 


Many Americans consider Texas an excellent location to own a property. You’ll pay about $350 to $600 when arranging a home inspection. 

A Home Inspection Is a Must

Hiring an inspection service can save you from property issues and costly repair expenses. The inspector may find problems that even the home seller is unaware of, so a professional check is a must if you want to ensure the property is in good shape.

The home inspection cost is different per state, based on the inspector’s experience, location and other relevant factors. Request for quotes if you want to get the best rate.

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