Tips For Cleaning a Room  

Rose Morrison

Jan 16, 2023

tips for cleaning a room

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Over time your home becomes cluttered with stuff and your surfaces become dusty. That’s why it’s essential to clean out rooms, such as your bedroom, regularly. Here are the steps on how cleaning a room helps your homes looks.

1. Start With Taking Out the Trash

Before you start cleaning a room, take out the trash. It will remove odors and give your room a more organized feel. Consider getting a small wastebasket in your bedroom, if you don’t already have one. Then you can easily store clothing tags, tissues or snack wrappers. Check for any additional trash before emptying the bin. Also, keep extra trash bags near your wastebasket, so you can quickly replace the old one. 

2. Gather Dirty Clothes 

Go through the clothes on your floor and bed and place dirty ones in the hamper. This will make your room feel less cluttered. After you clear your bed, consider making it. Also, don’t run a full load until you have finished cleaning the room. That way, you don’t miss any smaller clothing, like socks. In addition, use an open bin basket for your laundry to make it easier to drop items in a rush.

3. Put Clean Clothes in Your Dresser 

Once you finish with your dirty clothes, then put clean ones away. Neatly fold and place them back into your drawers. This helps prevent wrinkles and frees up floor space. Also, hang up any blouses or dresses. Have these facing the same direction for better organization. Plus, you can grab them more easily when rushing around in the morning. 

As you put clothes away, consider getting rid of any unwanted items. For example, are there clothes you never wear anymore? You can donate these to Goodwill or sell them online.

4. Wash Your Sheets

You want to change your sheets at least once a week to prevent germs. While you’re already cleaning our room, it’s a good time to do this. Wash the comforter, sheets and pillowcases. If you have a duvet with a cover, wash this as well. Use cold water and don’t overstuff the washer. You can run the load while cleaning the rest of the space. Then make your bed before you go to relax for the night. 

5. Clear Surfaces

Crowded surfaces can make a room feel smaller. Also, it can make it easier to lose items, causing you stress. That’s why this is an important step for how to clean a room. Start by clearing nightstands, dressers and desks. 

Place items back in their original spots. Also, increase your organization by grouping similar items in boxes. For example, you can place a decorative tray for jewelry on your dresser. You can also store things next to your desk, such as beauty or office supplies. 

6. Wipe Down Areas 

Once you have cleared the surfaces, wipe them down. Choose an appropriate cleaner, such as antibacterial wipes or a glass cleaner. Wipe down the tops of tables and chairs, and remember to get the legs and fronts of dressers. 

Also, clean your headboard and posts. In addition to surfaces, wipe windows and mirrors to remove smudges. Clear windows can allow for more light to brighten up your space. Also, a streak-free mirror makes it easier to get ready in the morning. 

7. Do Some Dusting

Your curtains and light fixtures can accumulate dust. So, give them a light sweeping using a duster or vacuum on a low setting. Make sure to get the backs of drapes and the lampshades. This step for how to clean a room is also essential in improving indoor air quality. Plus, it can help those with allergies breathe easier. 

Here are some more places you want to dust:

  • Closet
  • Bed
  • Baseboards
  • Molding

8. Vacuum the Space

You’ll need to vacuum or sweep the area to get your floors looking tidy. If you have hardwood floors, vacuum any rugs before sweeping the entire surface. If you have tougher stains, try mopping for a deeper clean. For carpets, use a vacuum to remove dust. Try to get as far under the furniture as possible. If you have any lightweight chairs or tables, move these into the hallway to make the process easier. 

9. Disinfect Your Light Switches and Door Knobs

These are frequently touched surfaces that can quickly accumulate germs. So, regularly wiping them down can keep you safe from viruses, such as COVID-19. Therefore, spray them with a disinfecting spray, such as Lysol, and use a paper towel to dry. In addition, wipe any outlet covers. Along with sanitation benefits, having cleaner switches can make the space look tidier. 

10. Find Ways to Stay Motivated 

Cleaning isn’t always the most fun task. So, play some music to keep yourself energized and motivated. Play faster music that will keep you feeling upbeat. Consider making your playlist while you work. If you’re unsure what to listen to, use Spotify or Apple Music to find a playlist. Another strategy is to reward yourself for a job well done. For example, treat yourself to a night out with friends or a special snack. 

How to Clean a Room Efficiently 

A tidy home makes you less stressed and impresses your guests. So, regular cleaning of the room, like your bedroom, is essential. Follow these steps for how to clean a room to make it sparkle and shine. 

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