5 Best Small Spare Room Ideas

Evelyn Long

Aug 2, 2021


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When your spare room is small, you may feel a little uncertain about how to make it functional and comfortable for overnight guests and other uses. How do you make the most of a small room? Fortunately, there are many ideas for furnishings and decor to open the space and make the most of what you have.

Spare rooms can fall into the trap of becoming a location for clutter. It’s vital you give your room a purpose, so this doesn’t happen. The cost to turn your spare room into a new space varies. For example, if you want to make it into a home office, expect to pay between $50 to $200 per square foot. You can further reduce those numbers by doing the work yourself.

Giving a spare room purpose may also help you when you’re ready to sell. Look for space people want that you don’t already have in your home, such as an office, home gym or nursery.

1. Guest Room

A dedicated space for guests encourages family and friends to visit more often. A small space, however, isn’t so cozy that they try to move in permanently. Use this small spare room idea to turn a small room into a relaxing retreat by choosing smaller furniture and limiting the number of items in the room. 

Opt for a full bed rather than a queen. Add one small side table and a place for them to set their suitcase. You don’t need a dresser in a guest room. Light paint colors and mirrors help the room look bigger than it actually is. Opt for decor that is light and airy, such as in-season flowers and white curtains. 

2. Home Gym

If you already have a guest room and home office, you might want to use the space to set up a workout space. You’ll save a bundle of gym membership fees over time, especially if more than one person in your family works out.

One of the most significant considerations for turning a small spare room into a gym will be the flooring. You’ll want something that equipment balances on without rocking to and fro. Add your equipment, motivational posters and sayings on the walls and a mini-fridge to hold bottles of water or energy drinks. 

3. Home Office

With more people working at home, homebuyers desire a built-in office space. Before the COVID-19 pandemic hit, only a small percentage of workers were remote. According to SHRM’s COVID-19 Business Index, around 64% of Americans now work from home. 

As people get a taste of shorter commutes and the convenience of working in your own house, the number of remote workers will likely trend upward. 

Make the most of your spare room by adding in elements that give it a comfortable work environment. Seek out furnishings that provide multiple functions. For example, a desk that expands into a work area for when you need to create a hard copy of a project. 

Decorate your office area with plants, art and function. The idea is to only get up for breaks and lunch and to focus on work, so remove any distractions. 

4. Craft Room

If you love to sew, make projects or do any other creative endeavor, a craft room may be ideal for you. Most crafters have to pull out their tasks, work on them and then put everything away. When you have a dedicated space, you save time because you can work on items for longer periods without stopping and conducting cleanup.

Look for organizational tools for your craft room. Hang papers or materials on racks on the wall. Invest in a cabinet you can close at the end of the day. Set up a long table and comfy chair for working. 

5. Playroom

Tired of toys and clutter strewed all over your home? Set up your spare room as a play area for your children. Explain why the toys live in that room and can’t leave there. If someone stops by unexpectedly, your playroom might be trashed, but the rest of the house won’t be. You can simply close the door and shut away the eyesore.

Make sure the floor is comfortable. If it is hard, put down fluffy rugs, for example. You can also buy foam floor pieces that lock together as an added cushion. You’ll need a toy box, secure shelves that won’t topple over and creative play toys such as a kitchen set or workbench.

Consider Your Needs

Although it’s smart to think about the day you’ll sell your home and what might be attractive to buyers, you have to live in it in the meantime. Think about what you have the most need for when setting up your spot. You might even use it as a dressing room where you keep the majority of your clothes and have space to get ready for work. There is no limit on what you can use a small spare room for. 

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