7 Best Plants for Window Boxes

Rose Morrison

Sep 13, 2021

best plants for window boxes

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A window box can take your home’s curb appeal to a new level. These botanical displays are suitable for any season, as you can add decorations as well as flowers. But what are the best plants for window boxes?

You should note that every plant has a “hardiness zone” given by the U.S. Department of Agriculture. This rating determines where it’ll thrive throughout the country. Be sure to check yours before you pick any flowers for your window boxes — ultimately, your local climate will be a deciding factor for any plant on our list.

Ready to head to the nursery? Take a look at seven beautiful choices to complement your home.

1. Geraniums

a closeup of a pink flower perfect for window boxes

The geranium plant works perfectly for window boxes because it’s diverse. You can choose from various colors like white, purple or orange to create a mix. These flowers are annuals, so they’ll grow throughout one season before you have to replant them. As a result, you can enjoy them from spring to fall. A practice called “deadheading” can extend their blooms into autumn.

These plants grow best under full sun, but you can find geraniums that are perennials — and you’ll need to find shade for those types. Check your specific seed’s needs before you plant. These components make geraniums ideal for window boxes.

2. Creeping Jennys

green vines with yellow flowers

It’s best to fill any bare spots around your flowers with plants like Creeping Jennys, or moneyworts. These ground covers will grow over your window boxes to create an ivy-like appearance. They come either lime- or gold-colored, so they look gorgeous alongside both spring and fall shades. Creeping Jennys are perennials.

You should ideally plant your Creeping Jennys so that they can have partial shade.

3. Rosemary and Basil

bushels of herbs

Did you know that you can add herbs to your window boxes? A selection like rosemary or basil can create a different look — and you’ll be able to eat them once they grow. In particular, you can use these plants for window boxes under full sun. You’ll want to try a pick such as parsley for window boxes that receive shade.

You should research possible herb selections so that you can choose options that work for your window boxes’ environments. The best plants for window boxes depend on your specific climate.

4. Chrysanthemums

four yellow chrysanthemums

The chrysanthemum plant has become a staple for fall gardens. If you want to add color to your autumn window boxes, you should try these flowers. They adapt perfectly to small spaces, so you can ensure they’ll do well for your display. You can select hues like red, pink and yellow to build a beautiful arrangement.

Make sure to provide enough sun so that your chrysanthemums bloom. Aim to water them every day, as well. As a result, you’ll be able to enjoy perfect fall window boxes.

5. Variegated Ivy

green ivy crawling up a white brick wall

If you want another filler plant, you should try variegated ivy. This strain can endure almost any climate, so you won’t have to pay too much attention to your window boxes. You could mix variegated ivy with other green plants to build a neutral display, as well. The plant’s leaves will grow over their containers, much like Creeping Jennys.

It’s key to note that variegated ivy will burn under direct sun, so you should protect your leaves with shade. You should remember that variegated ivy grows slowly, as well. These plants can grow throughout each season, but they do best in spring and summer.

6. Marigolds

a field of orange marigolds

The annual marigold flower provides copper and brass hues for your window boxes. They grow almost anywhere, so you should be able to incorporate them into each display. This flower type needs direct sun, but you can plant them with any soil you have on hand. Therefore, they’re easy to manage.

Keep in mind that marigolds vary in size and shape. You’ll want to choose French marigolds if you desire larger flowers without much height. The signet marigolds offer a smaller bloom, so you can group them alongside other flowers for a pretty arrangement.

7. Caladiums

an up-close green plant with red veins with a dew drop

This tropical plant works as another complimentary choice for your window boxes. If you experience each season’s weather, you can grow caladium throughout summer to enjoy its beauty. These wide-leafed plants love shade. As a result, it’s essential to keep them away from any sun.

The caladium plant has cream, green, red and pink speckles, so you can pair them with appropriate flowers to create a stunning display.

The Best Plants for Window Boxes

The best plants for window boxes range far and wide, but you can’t make a mistake when you choose from these options. Try to vary your selections to create a remarkable display.

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