4 Best Places To Live in the South

Evelyn Long

Feb 14, 2023


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Living in the south has many benefits like southern hospitality, cheaper living costs and ideal weather conditions. The south is an excellent place to raise a family and consider a home. Southerners are welcoming and will make you feel right at home. Experience their hospitality, all four seasons and gorgeous scenery in these four best places to live in the south. 

1. Austin, Texas

Austin, Texas, is a tech hub that attracts startups and businesses looking for talent. It has a lower cost of living than its counterpart tech hubs like Seattle and San Jose, California. Austin has a lot of traffic, so you’ll want to ensure you avoid rush hour. 

The city offers nightlife and all of the perks of living in a city with affordable housing, making it appealing to millennials.  Austin is a lively city with cultural festivals and musicians with year-round events. Residents are friendly and welcoming and aren’t shy about conversing. 

2. Nashville, Tennesse

Nashville offers diverse culture, a booming job market, a low cost of living and a high quality of life. It has a rapid growth rate and is one of the fastest-growing cities in the U.S. making it one of the best places to live in the south. It’s the home of country music with a legendary music scene and fast-paced nightlife. 

Experience iconic music legends and a unique setting in this southern belle of a town. There are local coffee shops everywhere filled with friendly locals. It has a vast culinary scene and five professional sports teams, so there’s something for everyone in this music city. 

3. Charleston, South Carolina

Charleston has a low unemployment rate making it an ideal location for transplants. The landscape in Charleston offers stunning views of the water from The Battery Promenade or Waterfront Park. Its Georgian architecture is also beautiful. 

Charleston is rich in history and southern charm that’s picturesque and inviting. Charleston joins Nashville on the list of the friendliest cities in America, which makes it a tourist’s dream destination. With plenty of tourists, there are always jobs available for locals. Charleston also offers delicious dining experiences. 

4. Richmond, Virginia 

Richmond, Virginia, is hard to resist with its delectable cuisine and art movements. The city has intimate, fun vibes that make it feel like a small town with many different housing options. There are so many historical sites that make Richmond a part of history. 

Their bus system provides complimentary transportation, which is a fantastic asset for residents. Richmond has spectacular food options and has been made one of the World’s Top 10 places to travel for food in National Geographic. It has a good job market and a reasonably low living cost, about 6% lower than other Virginia cities. Richmond also offers excellent health care options and top-rated hospitals.  

Perks of Living in the South

Moving to one of the best places to live in the south has many perks. Living in the south will teach you many things about the stereotypes you’ve probably heard your whole life. Some of them are true and they’ll be glad to share them with you. For example, sweet tea is heavenly, anything can be fried and taste delicious and catching lightning bugs at night is every kid’s favorite pastime. 

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