The Best Housewarming Gift Ideas For Any Party

Rose Morrison

Feb 21, 2023

Piles of carboard boxes in a garage. The best housewarming gift ideas will help them deal with the stress of unpacking.

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Housewarming parties are always a fun way to get to know your loved one’s new place. If this is the first time they’ve moved into a house, they’ll likely need things to fill up all their space. These housewarming gift ideas are a perfect way to help liven up their rooms and make their new house feel like home. Whether the person you’re celebrating is a friend or family member, you’ll find the perfect gifts for them in this list.

1. Personalized Cutting Board

When someone first moves into a house, it might lack a personal touch until they unpack all their belongings. That’s why a personal present makes one of the best housewarming gift ideas. A cutting board with their initials on it can work well as a statement or decorative piece, but they can also use it to prepare many yummy meals in their new home.

Make sure they know how to care for their personalized cutting board properly so they can continue using it for years. Wooden cutting boards are harder to sanitize than their plastic counterparts, but cutting on them will also leave fewer grooves where bacteria can grow. If your loved one knows how to care for their present, they’ll treasure it for even longer.

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2. Board Game

A great way to show your friends the importance of unwinding and taking breaks while unpacking is to gift them a game. A board game or card game can help them when they entertain others as they settle into their new home. You should even get them a wooden set of a game, so it’ll be gorgeous as decor and to play with.

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3. Smart Doorbell

If your loved one enjoys technology and having cutting-edge gadgets, make sure you get them a smart doorbell to add to their collection. A smart doorbell can help them see who’s visiting their home at any hour, even when they’re away from their house. Since they’re just moving in, would-be burglars might target their home, thinking of all the valuables sitting out. A doorbell that relays a video feed directly to the homeowner’s phone can be a great deterrent.

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4. Flower Vase

Your loved one will get fresh flowers as a gift with a pop of color to brighten their home while they still need to unpack much of their decor. With all these fresh-cut flowers as presents, your loved one will need somewhere to store one of the bouquets.

Find a vase that fits your loved one’s vibe. You want something that they can integrate seamlessly into the rest of their decor once it’s unpacked. You should put a penny in the vase if you believe in the old wives’ tale that pennies can keep cut flowers fresh longer, thanks to the copper acting as a fungicide. They’ll appreciate the thoughtfulness you put into the gift.

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5. Doormat

Your loved one likely has a doormat from where they lived before, but as they now own a house, they’re bound to need more than one doormat. They may not even have one if they’ve chosen to start fresh for the new home. Whether you choose a personalized doormat or a basic one with a funny saying, your loved ones will be glad to receive something for one of their new entrances. You can even DIY a doormat design if you’re confident in your skills.

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6. Statement Plant

What better way to welcome life into the house than by giving your loved ones a plant? Not everyone has a green thumb, but that’s why you should opt for statement plants that are also low-maintenance — one of the best housewarming gift ideas you can give someone. Snake plants are an excellent option for any sort of lifestyle.

Snake plants are great gifts because they’re such a low investment that it doesn’t matter if your friend forgets about them for a while. They can be used as statement piece plants, taking up some of the ample floor space your loved one has now that they have a house. Your loved ones can use fertilizer on the plant or dust it occasionally, but aside from regular watering around once a month or so, it needs no upkeep.

If your friend doesn’t want the upkeep that comes with a real plant, a realistic fake plant is a good option as well. Add in a beautiful plant pot and it will make great decor for their new home.

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Follow These Housewarming Gift Ideas to Find the Right Thing

Your loved one is a complex individual who is probably going through a lot of stress as they try to unpack their new home. Giving them a gift they can use, one that can relieve them of their worries, is a great way to show them that they should feel welcome in their new home. Your loved one will surely appreciate the thought and care you put into the gift, and they’ll try to keep it around for years to come.

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