Practical Gifts for New Homeowners

Evelyn Long

Nov 24, 2021

practical gifts for new homeowners

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Housewarming parties are the perfect time to give your new homeowner friends a gift. While many people would appreciate a bottle of wine or a heartfelt card, most would rather receive something they can put to good use in their new home. Here are a few practical gift ideas for new homeowners.

1. Drawer Organizers

If your friends have been living in an apartment for a while, odds are they still have the same silverware organizer that came with the set. Give that sad plastic organizer an upgrade by gifting a wooden organizer.

Better yet, make it an adjustable one so it’ll fit their kitchen drawers no matter what. 

$24.48 from Amazon

2. Tool Kit 

Owning a home for the first time means you have to fix everything yourself. Say goodbye to maintenance guys and free HVAC inspections.

Help your new homeowners prepare for anything with a quality tool kit. Throw in some nails, a hammer and a new wall hang and they’ll be ready for anything. 

$32.13 from Amazon

3. Robot Vacuum 

Who’s turn is it to vacuum the house? Nip those chore arguments in the bud before they even happen by gifting the new homeowners a robot vacuum. Roughly 15 million U.S. households already have one, so why not make the leap?

Plus, it makes the perfect gift if they have pets that love to shed. 

$98.99 from Amazon

4. Sheets 

Good sheets are expensive and something that new homeowners shouldn’t have to buy for themselves. Give your friends the best first night in their new home with a super soft bed set. You might even throw in some pillows and a comforter to complete the full bed set. 

$19.99 from Amazon

5. Mixer 

Are the new homeowners avid bakers? Tell them to throw out that crusty hand mixer — because you’re getting them a stand mixer. Most come with multiple attachments so they can bake bread, cookies or whatever their hearts desire. Include a few of your favorite recipes to make the gift even more thoughtful.

 $229 from Amazon

6. Food Storage Containers 

If your friends have been together for a while, they’ve probably collected their fair share of mismatched Tupperware over the years. Help them save space with a quality food storage set that stacks well and will keep their cupboards organized. Just be sure to skip the cheap plastic and purchase something that will last. 

$32.47 from Amazon

7. Welcome Mat 

Help keep your friends’ entryway clean by gifting them a welcome mat. One with a cute saying will have guests smiling before they even enter the house — with their clean shoes, of course. Plus, it’ll dress up any porch and make their home super inviting. 

$24.99 from Amazon

8. Smart Doorbell

Smart doorbells have become incredibly popular in recent years and experts expect the market to grow by $2.63 billion within the next three years. Plus, they’re super useful. By gifting your friends one of these gadgets, they’ll be able to see who’s knocking on their door anytime — whether they’re home or not. 

$93.50 from Amazon

9. Smoke Detectors

Most landlords install smoke alarms throughout their property. Thus, your first-time homeowners might not realize they have to purchase their own now. Sadly, about 40% of fire deaths occur in homes with no smoke alarms.

Remind your friends you always have their backs by gifting them a few smoke detectors — with batteries! Then, both they and you can rest easy knowing they’re safe. 

$14.99 from Amazon

10. Lockbox 

Your friends should have a safe or lockbox by now. However, if they don’t, it’s about time you gifted them one. Be sure to purchase one that’s waterproof and fireproof so their most important documents will always be safe. One with a smart lock would be best so they won’t ever have to worry about losing a key.

$55.19 from Amazon

11. Ironing Set

Buying a home means becoming an adult in every sense of the word, so why not give them the ultimate adulting gift — an iron and ironing board. Sure, this gift isn’t the most exciting, but it sure will come in handy when they have a wedding o attend or a fancy dinner date. They’ll thank you later!

$37.48 from Amazon

12. Bath Mats

With everything else new homeowners have to worry about, buying bath mats are probably the last thing on their mind. Save them the trouble — and slippery floors — by gifting them a bathroom mat and an anti-slip one for the tub. You might even get them a shower curtain to match. 

$8.99 from Amazon

Practical Gifts For New Homeowners

As you shop for a housewarming gift, consider what you might like to receive as a new homeowner. What items could you use? Would you rather have more dish towels or a handy bottle opener? Put yourself in their shoes and you’re sure to pick a gift they’ll love to use for years to come.

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