10 Best Dryers for Every Budget (Updated for 2023)

Rose Morrison

Nov 17, 2023

best dryers for every budget

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An efficient dryer makes laundry day more manageable and more convenient. It’s as simple as transferring your clothes from the washer to dryer and voila – warm dry clothes ready to wear or pack away. Nowadays, dryers have features that go beyond simply drying your clothes. There are dryers you can operate remotely and use with wi-fi with a simple, “Alexa, turn on the dryer.” Some have downloadable cycle settings and others can decide which cycle your clothes need. 

With the hundreds of options available, how do you know which one is right for you? From a high-end two-in-one dryer to portable foldable dryers that can fit in an RV, here’s a list for dryers for every budget. 

1. Samsung DVE60A9900V/A3  

Samsung continues to produce high-quality and innovative home appliances. This 7.5 cubic foot two-in-one dryer lets you follow care label instructions for garments that need to be dried flat while saving time. It has a dryer shelf made of mesh to let your delicate items dry with the rest of the load without being entangled. The front loader part works as usual, with 18 dry cycles, five temperature settings, and a steam function for wrinkle-free clothes. 

Price: $1300 from BestBuy

2. Maytag MED7230HW

Advanced models have touch screens, while models of years past have simple turn-dial controls. Maytag has both, plus an app. The app allows you to start dry cycles remotely and gives notifications when a load is dry.  It boasts commendable capacity/ space enough at 7.4 cubic feet, has five temperature selections and boasts 11 drying cycles. 

The hamper door drops to give you a solid platform for unloading and stacking without your favorite towel falling to the floor. It features a steam-enhanced cycle, a sanitizer cycle, a moisture sensor for an even dry on each load, a quick dry method for small loads and an extra power button to ensure heavier items feel drier after the first cycle. 

Price: $748 from Home Depot

4. LG DLE3600V

This electric dryer from LG pairs with its WM3600HVA washing machine counterpart, but you can buy it individually for a great price. It has just the right balance of premium features and easy usability that households of all types can appreciate. It has 7.4 cubic feet capacity, eight cycles, an energy-saving feature and wrinkle care. 

The built-in WiFi lets you control the machine from a smartphone app called ThinQ. You can also use it with Google Assistant or Alexa. Adjust settings, set timers and lock/unlock the dryer door, among other functions. It can also automatically set itself to the most optimal drying cycle, saving on energy.

Price: $699 from Best Buy


The built-in WiFi on this model lets you start, stop, and monitor laundry from the office. Although it’s a larger model at 7.8 cubic feet, its quick dry setting lets you toss in a single pair of slacks to get them crisp and wrinkle-free in time for work. The sanitization cycle eliminates common household bacteria, perfect for people who want to take extra precautions.

Price: $698 from Home Depot

5. GE Profile PTD60EBSRWS

This smart electric dryer from General Electric prides itself on energy efficiency. The dryer comes in white and diamond grey and has a reversible door for your convenience. 

You can connect it to your Wi-Fi and get Alexa or Google Assistant to notify you when a load is dry. If you have a matching washer, the GE profile can automatically set your dry cycle settings based on the load’s size and density, which means every load uses as little heat and time as possible. 

However, you remain in control with five temperature settings and 10 dry cycles. You can also download additional cycles with SmartHQ for activewear or to warm up your clothes. You might be better off pre-setting the cycle and temperature for larger loads to ensure they dry completely.  

Price: $630 from Best Buy

6. Samsung DVE45T6000W

Another Samsung machine has earned a spot on our list for its family-friendly design and affordability. It has the basic dryness control feature that everyone loves, plus an anti-static mode, four temperatures, ten drying cycles and tons of customization options.

The larger 7.5 cubic-foot capacity works well with the steam cycles to freshen heavy loads of laundry and eliminate wrinkles. Although the brand’s calling card isn’t dryers or washers, Samsung knocked this product out of the park and created one of the best dryers available. Despite its large size, it’s stackable. You can pair it with the Samsung WF45T6000AW washing machine using stacking kit model SKK-8K.

Price: $599 from Best Buy

7. Amana NED4655EW

While this machine from USA-based company Whirlpool may be an unfamiliar brand compared to the rest of the list, it’s an excellent dryer for its price. It has features like dryness control, a reversible door and 11 drying cycles. The large lint trap captures everything and it even has the same “wrinkle shield” feature. The AccuDry sensor also conserves energy and prevents overdrying by stopping the cycle when your clothes are dry. 

While it’s smaller than most devices at 6.5 cubic feet, you can use its size to your advantage and open up more space in your home.

Price: $429 from Lowes

8. Insignia NS-TDRE67W1

This electric model is the best one for small budgets and tiny spaces at 6.7 cubic feet. Its 12 washing cycles more than make up for its diminutive size. It’s also easy to use, with an interactive LED screen and front-loading design. You can even reverse the door to accommodate left and right-handed users. This dryer has everything you need for one of the most generous prices on the market.

Price: $450 from Best Buy

9. Ktaxon GDZ60-98E 

A list of budget-friendly dryers would not be complete without a portable dryer. This 58-pound device has more features than you’d expect. It has three temperature settings, five drying cycles and it works almost as well as any big dryer. Clothes are left with a moisture content below 5% and it has a built-in anti-wrinkle function. It uses an energy-efficient positive temperature coefficient heater to dry your clothes effectively in smaller spaces like an RV, dorm room or apartment.

Price: $260 from Walmart

10. Miumaeov YT-GYJ2101 

Another portable dryer makes an appearance, this time from Miumaeov. This portable drying wardrobe weighs just under 9 pounds and can dry up to 22 pounds of clothing. You can store it away easily since it’s foldable, or use it as extra cupboard space. It also uses PTC heating like the Ktaxon. The only setback is it uses time settings rather than a dry cycle or temperature settings. Even if your clothes are still dripping, it has drainage holes and will effectively dry them using the side air vents Different types of clothing require different times, so you’ll want to separate different fabrics. 

Price: $129 from Walmart

Add a Cost-Effective Appliance to Your Home

While this list has different sizes, features and capabilities, they all share one thing: they’re the best dryers for every budget. Take the stress out of buying a washing machine. Use this list to find the best washing machine for your budget and needs.

Original Publish Date 6/27/2022 – Updated 11/17/2023

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