10 Best Dryers for Every Budget

Rose Morrison

Jun 27, 2022

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If you’re a homeowner looking for cost-effective housekeeping solutions, we’ve put together a list of the best dryers that fit all budgets. These products have everything you need in a dryer without putting a massive hole in your wallet. The highest price you will see is $850, which is hundreds of dollars less than other dryer options on the market. 

Before we jump into the list, keep in mind that dryers come in many shapes and sizes. Some are gas-powered and some run on electricity. Some can pair with washing machines, while others are better on their own. 

Advanced models have touch screens, while models of years past have simple turn dial controls. If you’re looking for a specific design or feature, we cover everything in this list. So here they are: the ten best dryers for every budget, plus a description and price tag!

1. Maytag MED6230HW

Today’s market has many inexpensive electric dryer options, including this Maytag Smart Electric Dryer. It’s more than large enough at 7.4 cubic feet, has five temperature selections and boasts 11 drying cycles. It also comes with a cool “extra power” button you can push to deal with those heavy loads that often don’t get thoroughly dried.

This electric dryer also has unique features like a moisture sensor, quick-dry mode and wrinkle prevention. The motor and drum have ten-year warranties, so you know this product is in it for the long haul.

$798 from Home Depot

2. Insignia NS-TDRE67W1

This electric model isn’t quite as large as the other products on this list at 6.7 cubic feet, but it makes up for its size with 12 washing cycles. It’s also easy to use, with an interactive LED screen and front-loading design. You can even reverse the door to accommodate left and right-handed users. This dryer has everything you need for one of the most generous prices on the market.

$450 from Best Buy


This dryer from General Electric prides itself on energy efficiency. At 7.4 cubic feet with 12 drying cycles and four temperature options, each load uses as little heat and time as possible. The “auto-dry” function allows the machine to customize the features for each load based on the load’s size and density. 

However, estimations are not always accurate. You might be better off pre-setting the cycle and temperature for larger loads to ensure they get completely dried. This dryer also has standard accessories that everyone appreciates, like an interior drum light and lint trap.

$800 from Lowes

4. LG DLE7300

This electric dryer from LG pairs with its DLE7300 washing machine counterpart, but you can buy it individually for a great price. It has just the right balance of premium features and easy usability that households of all types can appreciate. The 7.3 cubic feet is average for today’s dryers, but its eight different cycles, sensor dry feature and WiFi connectivity make it one of the more advanced products and best dryers on this list.

The built-in WiFi allows you to control the machine from a smartphone app called ThinQ. You can adjust settings, set timers and lock/unlock the dryer door, among other functions. It can also automatically set itself to the most optimal drying cycle, saving on energy.

$850 from Best Buy

5. Whirlpool WED5000DW

This machine from USA-based company Whirlpool doesn’t have the fancy accessories of other dryers in 2022, but it’s as reliable and affordable as they come. It measures a modest seven cubic feet with unique features like the “wrinkle shield,” which tumbles finished loads every five minutes to keep them from wrinkling. The AccuDry sensor also stops the cycle once drying has finished to conserve energy.

With eleven cycles and three drying levels, this product is arguably one of the best dryers on the market and an absolute steal for its current price. 

$530 from Best Buy

6. Amana NED4655EW

You might not be as familiar with Amana as the other brands on the list, but don’t let that dissuade you. Amana is a smaller brand owned by Whirlpool with many of the features we’ve discussed, including dryness control, a reversible door and 11 drying cycles. The large lint trap captures everything and it even has the same “wrinkle shield” feature that prevents finished loads from wrinkling.

It’s smaller than most devices at 6.5 cubic feet, but you can use its size to your advantage and open up more space in your home.

$493 from Lowes

7. Samsung DVE45N5300

Samsung is known more for its smartphones than washers and dryers, but this machine has earned a spot on our list for its family-friendly design and affordability. It has the basic dryness control feature that everyone loves, plus an anti-static mode, four temperatures, ten drying cycles and tons of customization options.

The larger 7.5 cubic-foot capacity works well with the steam cycles to freshen heavy loads of laundry and eliminate wrinkles. Although the brand’s calling card isn’t dryers or washers, Samsung knocked this product out of the park and created one of the best dryers available. The only downside worth noting is that you might have trouble removing the lint trap.

$700 from Best Buy

8. Samsung DVE45T6000W

This dryer is a more advanced version of the Samsung DVE45N5300 for an additional expense of just $80. It has similar features, but the controls look different and the lint trap has easier access, which was a problem in the earlier model. If you’re looking for a dryer with all the modern features at an affordable price, this machine is a fantastic choice.

$780 from Lowes

9. Panda Portable Spin Dryer PANSP21W

A list of budget-friendly dryers would not be complete without a portable spin dryer. This 22-pound device from Panda pulls water out of clothes with no heat involved, making it both quick and energy-efficient. The water drips out of its draining system, so make sure you use it in a sink or place a bucket underneath it.

An important thing to note: the Panda is not meant to replace a full-sized dryer. It gets the water out and de-wrinkles them, but your clothes will still be somewhat damp. Hang them on a clothesline to let them finish drying. This little chore is worth the extra effort if it means you pay $1000+ less for a drying device.

$182 from Walmart

10. Magic Chef MCSDRY1S

Another portable dryer makes an appearance, this time from Magic Chef. It weighs just under 50 pounds and has more features than you’d expect, with five drying options, three temperature settings and a durable stainless steel drum. It can hold up to nine pounds of clothing at once and dries clothes to completion with relative consistency. 

All portable dryers have issues with damp clothes, but this product is more reliable than its competitors. It can run for hours if necessary, as long as you have a stable platform and trusty electrical outlet. It’s perfect for small apartments, RVs and other living spaces with limited room.

$369 from Home Depot

Add a Cost-Effective Appliance to Your Home

Finding the best prices for essential appliances can be a challenging task, but we’re here to help. These ten dryers have a wide range of sizes, features and capabilities, but they all have one thing in common: they’re the best dryers for every budget. Give one a try and add a cost-effective appliance to your household!

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