The Best Artificial Light for Plants This Winter (Updated for 2023)

Olivia Elsher

Nov 28, 2023

The Best Artificial Lights for Plants This Winter

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Your gardening hobby doesn’t have to end just because it’s cold outside. Plants also grow indoors with the proper care and strategy. By adding artificial light, your treasured pots can stay healthy and beautiful. Check out the best artificial plant lighting for indoor gardens to figure out which may be suitable for your potted plants.

1. Yadoker LED Growing Light 

The Yadoker plant light is perfect for gardeners with one or two pots that need help to grow indoors. It sinks into the soil within a pot and hovers just above the tallest part of the plant. The light it emits doesn’t hurt the eyes and feels like natural sunlight. The body is the size of a thin stick, so it doesn’t take up much space, which is perfect for those who want a minimalist style. If you’re unsure whether there’s room for the thin stem, you can always upgrade your plant’s pot and give the roots more space for their upcoming growth spurt.

$9.85 on Amazon

2. GooingTop LED Clip Light

A clip might be better for your indoor garden if your plants rest on a desk or table. The GooingTop light clips to any surface and has two heads that provide hours of light for your plants. It’s easy to install and has two bendable goosenecks you can adjust to focus the light in any direction. Its professional design mimics the full-spectrum sunlight at noon, providing maximum natural light for your favorite potted plants to grow well. Set the light to a dimmed brightness and one of the three timed settings for day-long growth aided by the right water type and soil nutrient profile.

$24.99 on Amazon

3. Ezorkas Tri-Head Grow Light Stand

Your plants may have varying heights and sizes, so consider the Ezorkas tri-head stand, ideal for multiple indoor potted plants. It has four heads on adjustable stems that include nine dimmable levels for varying growth intensities. You can set the lighting for 3, 9 or 12 hours and adjust the brightness. Moreover, there’s an option to change the light color to match your plant’s growth stage, like using the blue light setting to encourage more photosynthesis or the red light setting to improve flowering.

$29.99 on Amazon

4. Abonnyc Small Grow Light

Whether you’re a beginner who wants to grow a small number of flowers or an expert with an intricate plant, the Abonnyc small grow light could be what your plants need to thrive indoors. It has a simple push button to turn on the LED bulbs and an optional USB socket to power it from your computer. It’s perfect for office desks and shelves due to its compact size and an auto timer for busy plant parents.

$26.69 on Amazon

5. Juhefa Grow Light 

If you have succulents, bonsai, flowers and herbs in the corner of your room or hanging in the kitchen, they might benefit from the Juhefa tripod stand. It has a lengthy stem that sinks into the soil to provide natural daylight to your plants. It’s designed with a long strip of LED lamp, allowing it to cast light on small plants in a wider space. Its 360-degree gooseneck makes it easy to adjust or rotate the angle when directing the light. The 77 inches long USB cable that comes with it means you can easily plug it at home or office. 

$9.99 on Amazon

6. Kullsinss LED Grow Light Strips

Plants on tiered shelving or beneath cabinets don’t have to get left out of your artificial light upgrade. The Kuullsinss light strips attach underneath cabinets, shelves and other surfaces so every plant receives the light it needs. It consists of four strips of LED lighting that are thin enough, making them versatile to use in both hanging plants and shelves. Installation can be done in three easy steps, using double-sided tape and screws to secure the strips in place. It’s a good option for anyone with cat-friendly house plants and feline family members who like to knock things over because the double-sided adhesive is nearly impossible for pets to remove.

$21.99 on Amazon

7. LBW Tall Grow Lamp

This large tripod stand lamp has a full-growth spectrum range due to having numerous colored LED bulbs. It’s made of an adjustable tripod that extends from 15 to 48 inches, ideal for tall accent plants in your home or office. It’s great for indoor gardens and won’t affect your electric bill very much as it’s energy efficient, using only 30 watts. The bulbs use low-consumption technology to make this lamp as sustainable as possible. It also comes with a 30-day return guarantee, so there’s nothing to lose by setting up this light around your floor plants.

$23.99 on Amazon

8. Fecida Wide Hanging Lamp

You might be one of the many people who decorated with beautiful hanging plants around your home. Floor stands and clip lights can’t reach that high, but the Fecida hanging lamp can easily assist the plants in your hanging planters. Attach it to your ceiling with your preferred hardware and your plants will quickly begin to grow again. If you need to cover a wider area, you can connect up to four units of Fecida lamps in one outlet, conveniently providing light to your hanging beauties without the need for an additional outlet. It also has a built-in fan and vents that work as a cooling system for your LED to extend its life. 

$49.99 on Amazon

Try Artificial Lights for Your Garden

Indoor plants serve many purposes — as accents in the room, sources of fresh ingredients, insect repellents and purifiers of indoor air. Whatever types of plants you have at home, they deserve extra care during colder months.

Anyone can set up an artificial light to help their plants grow indoors during the winter. You won’t have to sacrifice sunny windowsills just so they don’t wilt away. When picking the best lighting for them, consider how much light your plants need and how many strips to buy to provide the best and adequate artificial light for your garden’s needs.

Original Publish Date 11/7/2022 — Updated 11/28/2023

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